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On Tuesday evening we attended the wedding of a long time young family friend. She and sweet daughter have been friends since early school days and she was one of SD’s bridesmaids almost 8 years ago when she got married.  This time it was SD’s turn to be bridesmaid, along with 3 other lovely young women. The wedding was held at Suikerbossie Restaurant, outside Hout Bay almost at the crest of the hill that looks down onto Llandudno. What a lovely venue for a wedding…and the weather was perfect for the garden ceremony, with the sun setting in the west over the Atlantic, misty clouds gently hugging the mountains in the distance while a light breeze played over our shoulders.  It was an intimate affair, just 50 close family and friends. The bride and groom now live in New Zealand and are having another wedding over there in a couple of week’s time.  The 5 girls all arrived in a genuine yellow New York Taxi to the amusement and amazement of all the guests gathered on the lawns. The driver (left hand drive) did a very nifty bit of wheelwork to get it through the very narrow gate and onto the lawn in front of the hotel…..I could never have attempted it. Can only imagine how he must’ve been sweating after the about 20th 3 point turn to get that great, deeply growling V8 monster onto the lawn.
The bride chose purple, silver and green as her colour theme. The bridesmaids dresses were a rich purple, white orchids and purple lisianthus made up the bouquets and table decorations and the cake…well the cake, as demanded by the bride,  was dark moist chocolate with French buttercream and raspberry conserve filling and covered in a white chocolate frosting…..sounds so simple doesn’t it….decorated with silver organza ribbon, white roses, gypsophyla (baby’s breath) and…you guessed it….purple lisianthus.  It was a bitch very difficult to work with the white chocolate in the current heat wave that we are experiencing. Browniegirl did the frosting at night when the weather was coolest so ended up working on the cake until 2am in the morning. When she woke up early the next day to carry on her working she discovered to her horror that she could not walk upright…her back had gone into spasm from bending down for such long periods at a time. Remember that she has had 2 spinal fusions in years gone by…… it was Sweet Daughter to the rescue bearing a gift of a Voltaren 75mg Ampoule, 5ml Syringe, Large bore needle and a swab! One naked butt cheek was presented, duly swabbed and then said large needle plunged into browniegirls waiting gluteus maximus!!!! Relief started  coming after a while lying on the bed when I discovered I could walk reasonably upright again. I did all my things here at home, paid a quick visit to my favourite hair stylist who has the beautiful views and gentle hands for massaging stressed out heads…..I got double treatment that day and came away feeling like a zillion dollars.
The View from the best Hair  Salon in the Valley – looking towards Hout Bay

Hubs took the afternoon off work so that he could drive to Suikerbossie while I sat in the back of the car with my baby, the cake, and panicked, and chewed my nails, and hyperventilated and started having those fainting flashes when you breathe too fast you know what I mean??   was a bundle of nerves by the time we finally got the cake transported over the great distance from my kitchen to Suikerbossie Restaurant.  Up until we left I had 2 fans blowing cool air onto the cake and then all the way there we had the aircon on full blast in the car and still the icing started weeping silent tears in the heat. I told brownieboy, who was driving soooo carefully and avoiding all bumps and potholes, (who knew how many of those there are in the roads????) that if that cake collapses and dies I am dying with it!!!  It had been a masterpiece of engineering  to re-inforce the cake so that it would not collapse with the weight of the 2nd tier on top of the first.  The 3rd tier had to be completely dairy free as the bride is lactose intolerant….so thankfully it did not, in the end, have to go on top of all as a third tier, It rather was relegated to the kitchen who had strict instructions that the bride had to eat from that cake only!!!


Brownieboy had to cut 3 sections of plumbers piping into the right sizes so that I could sink them into the cakes at intervals so that the next layer could rest on the reinforcing  pipes and not directly on the cake. Those pipes shifted with the movement of the car and I had visions of the two tiers parting company as the top tier started to come away….Anyway, once I got it onto the table and did a bit of faffing and fiddling, did last minute dress up with flowers  and butterflies etc. it looked like a bit of alright. At least the bride and groom loved it, it tasted marvelous and all the guests complimented me on it. I was so relieved….but NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!  Well, not white chocolate in summer anyway hehe…. Unless I have a fully equipped cool room to keep it in……..


Anyhooooo dear bloggers, I present to you  without further ado, because so many of you asked to see photos of the cake and the wedding, a few photos…………..……


The Gardens where the ceremony was held under the gazebo

                         the Table Setting            Bride & 4 Maids arriving in the big yello taxi

The Starters were delicious breads and sticks with pates and dips
The main course was a buffet with 4 different roasts and all the trimmings

The Cake all gussied up with soft fresh flowers

                        Maids awaiting………………….bride arriving on dads arm

A little bit of dress detail for those who like to know….

Mr & Mrs O’Leary  – the Kiwi Groom had to be initiated into the Bokke ranks during the wedding reception……..I kid you not!!!
The dessert buffet was amazing………….about 8 different puddings to choose from and also the cake was available to eat as well……

The serviettes had these words embossed on each  one.The beautiful little heart shaped silver dragees with chocolate centres were the little gifts for each guest to take home.
A lovely wedding all in all…..

Browniegirl is off to the eye specialist in the the morning to have her eyes checked. There is something large floating around in one eye since I woke up this morning. The optometrist was concerned that it may be a bit of retina that has broken off so we have to get it properly checked out.
So……I will see you when I see you all …

Have a good night everyone.
May tomorrow be the start to a marvelous weekend for you all,
browniegirl xxx


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It has come to my attention that today is rather a special day
for another one of our bloggers………….


It is the 2nd blogaversary of





 Soooooo………this brownie isn’t shy of baking cakes for special people…but for Wots….…..

Moo’s Butternut, Pepperdew & Feta Quiche
for your lunchbox tomorrow…..

 I have really enjoyed getting to know you through your blog and

 am so looking forward to another year of interesting and scintillating lunch box tidbits, photos  and recipes.  

& for dessert

Moo’s White Chocolate & Ginger Cheesecake
with a Mixed Summer Berry Coulis

With love & best wishes
browniegirl xxx

People, this lovely lass is doing a surprise giveaway on her blog
go take a look if you are interested.
Oh, and don’t forget to wish her happy happy…. :o)


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Today is a very special day for a very special young woman…….

It is
original cin‘s




 A beautiful rose for a beautiful soul!!!



May you be surrounded by love, laughter & much happiness today & in the year ahead.

My Death by Chocolate Cake just for you


Served with some brandied cherries, raspberry coulis &
Real Vanilla Bean Ice Cream & all washed down with a glass of chilled 
JC Le Roux Le Fleurette……

Enjoy Cape Town & it’s quieter beaches, may the weather be kind to you & may the sea breeze blow gently on your back

With lots of love,

From the brownie bunch xxx