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 At long last, for all those who have asked, Moo’s famous cheesecake recipe.




300g Ginger Nut Biscuits

50g Almonds – toasted

¼ tsp Ground Ginger
110g Unsalted Butter, melted

1.     Bash up the biscuits, blend with almonds & ginger until fine crumbs

2.     Mix crumbs with melted butter then press into a large springform cake tin (I line the base with baking paper)compress with the back of a spoon to make a level base

3.     Place in fridge for 15 minutes while you make the filling



300g White Chocolate broken up

250g Cream Cheese

250g Mascarpone Cheese

100ml Greek Yoghurt

100g Castor Sugar

1 Can Condensed Milk

6 Leaves Gelatin (or 6tsp powder gelatin)

100ml Milk

100ml Fresh Cream
Knife tip of vanilla powder

1tsp Ground Ginger

75g Crystallized Ginger – chopped up very finely

Juice of 2 lemons

Zest of 1 Lemon

10ml Vanilla Extract

30ml  Limoncello – optional

Pinch Maldon Sea Salt


1.     Place chocolate in a bowl and micro for 2 minutes on 20% power, stirring every 40 seconds. Whisk until smooth then leave to cool

2.     Place gelatin leaves in plenty cold water and allow to soften –20 min – or sponge the powder gelatin in a bit of cold water

3.     Heat milk, cream, vanilla powder & ground ginger to just below boiling point

4.     Drain gelatin leaves, squeeze gently to remove water, stir into the hot milk till dissolved then strain the milk & allow to cool a bit (If using powdered gelatin pour hot milk onto the sponged gelatin and stir until all dissolved then strain & cool

5.     Beat together cream cheese, sugar, mascarpone cheese, condensed milk and yoghurt

6.     Add lemon juice, zest, salt, vanilla & Limoncello – stir until smooth

7.     Fold in the melted chocolate & crystallized ginger & beat until smooth

8.     Pour filling on top of chilled biscuit base and smooth with a spoon

9.     Chill until set then decorate as desired


I use any of these topping methods with whatever fruit is in season:

·         fresh raspberries and white chocolate curls

·         passion fruit pulp with sugar and gelatin

·         kiwi fruit slices glazed with lemon jelly

·         slice strawberries thinly, place around edge of cake when set. Pour over cooled raspberry or cherry jelly & allow to set – mirror effect

·         Strained boiled Mixed Berry coulis, stir in prepared gelatin to make a jelly, cool then pour over set filling, decorate with raspberries in season


Take out of the fridge about 15min before serving so the texture is creamy rather than too solidly set

Cut with a hot knife for a clean edge

browniegirl xxx


  1. It looks devine but terribly fattening!

  2. It is very wicked of you to post pics like this when I can’t eat cheesecake right now. Bad person, go stand in corner for 10 secs.

  3. That looks simply divine…mmmm…!!!!

  4. Looks yummy

  5. lovely picture!

  6. I am def going to try this! My last attempt at cheesecake was a disaster, i think i forgot to add something… :P

  7. Yummy!!!!
    Big bear ((((HUGS))))

  8. Drooooooool…all over my keyboard ;)
    I can also be your small assistant baker.
    lol @ Batty.

  9. Holy ‘Moo’ley, a moment on the lips, a year on my hips cheesecake” ooooh, soulsista. yummy. the only problem is that I am the only one in the family that eats cheesecake, sooo, I will have to make it for me-self one day or I will have to “demand” this when I come and visit.

    How is the eye?
    what did you and your assistant bake?

    Lots of love and care

  10. This is torture!!!! i can almost taste it – fabulous pics:)

  11. Hmmmmmm! I could make a fortune out of this….is the copyright on your pics only :-D Looks wonderfull and just the right thing for a no-GI worries midnight snack….keep me company round 3am? You supply the snack and I’ll make the tea !! love you

  12. Supagran –
    the idea is to make it when a lot of people are gonna be around so that you just have a wee slice…..but it’s really good for bones…..full of calcium!!! :o) xxx

  13. Batty
    Self imposed????? No fair to send me to the corner then…heehee. Back to the wall or face???? :o) xxx

  14. Tagine & Tea
    thankyou darlin….you and the girls wanna pop over for some? How you doing?? Hugs xxx

  15. Pink Salt
    thanx so much…i like your new avatar :o) xxx

  16. Tickle
    why thankyou madam….new avatar??? :o) xxx

  17. i candy
    cool…let me know how it turns out….maybe you left out the cheese??? Heehee xxx

  18. Beertjie
    thanks and hugs to you too xxx

  19. Halfy
    Ooops hope you had some paper towel handy hehe….I suppose you could be my small assistant baker HAHAHA!! I think Ty must be nearly as tall as you…I think he’s around 3ft :o) xxx

  20. Griet
    hello darlin…hehe…yes it is indeed delicious!!! I will make it for you with pleasure…it is meant to be shared LOL!!! Makes a bit cheesecake. My assistant and I made pannekoek today. He could choose whatever he wanted to make….the eye is not so nice. driving me crazy actually. Luvvies :o) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  21. White Choc
    thanx so much…… :o) xxx

  22. The G
    well brutha, you have obviously not tasted Moo’s cheesecake then….how can we rectify that one wonders……will have to make some salty stuff for you. I also like that Nancy Reagan quote :o) xxx

  23. Youngst&Best
    LOL!! You are funny arent you? Im on my way darlin…..put the kettle on now, I might just make it by 3am :o) I do indeed make a small fortune off this cheesecake already :o) luv you too xxxx

  24. hehe,,would love to pop over for some! We are all wishing we were with the boys on the way to Sunny SA, but am sure will feel better tomorrow! :)

  25. Tagine&Tea
    Shame, I thought as much….thinking of you lots xxx

  26. thanks for the offer of (no)help. I knew I could rely on you……. for something

    this one leaves me cold – the ‘chcolate’ is not really chocolate.

  27. lynda – you will have to join me in my somewhat fruitless crusade against the cruel purveyors of such recipies and suggestions

  28. Ooh!
    I’ve got a friend and her new fiancé coming to visit us over Valentine’s weekend and I was thinking I would make a lamb tagine, but I couldn’t think what to make for dessert that was really special – this will be perfect. Have a lovely weekend!

  29. Ooh!
    I’ve got a friend and her new fiancé coming to visit us over Valentine’s weekend and I was thinking I would make a lamb tagine, but I couldn’t think what to make for dessert that was really special – this will be perfect. Have a lovely weekend!

  30. this does not help the diet!

  31. yup .. im almost one! :)


  33. BatHugz for a great weekend


  35. Sounds absolutely wonderful. Will definately give it a try one day.

  36. oi – you!

    time for a new post about something other than food

  37. Thank you kindly for your good wishes, but it does not bode me well to visit your scrumptious blog, your food looks sooooooo good……… i just get hungry by looking…

  38. ha – see there is another – welcome to the club housewife – this is a most dangerous blog!

  39. I am in the U.S. and need some clarification on some things in the recipe (which looks delicious!): 1) ginger nut biscuits are graham crackers?; 2) condensed milk is a 14 oz can of sweetened condensed milk?; 3) castor sugar is regular sugar?; 4) what would you use in place of Limoncello if you do not drink alcohol?; 5) knife tip of vanilla powder = ? extra vanilla?; 6) to get the jelly on top of cheesecake in picture would I use the mixed berry coulis? Where is that recipe? Thank you to anyone who can help.

  40. Angelynn
    Hi there, it is so nice of you to visit and comment on my blog. Much appreciated. I will try and answer all your queries….
    1) You can use graham crackers or any other dry sweet cookie…just double up on the ground ginger for more of the gingery taste if you want it
    2) Yes it is the sweetened condensed milk. In this country it is a 397 gram can which makes it about 14oz
    3) Castor/caster sugar is somewhere between regular granulated sugar and superfine confectioners sugar. If you cannot get it I would suggest using about 80g confectioners sugar
    4) The Limoncello is optional. The cheesecake is lovely without it
    5) I use vanilla powder or paste, just a teeny bit, to get the flecks of vanilla seeds and an extra oomph of flavour in addition to the vannilla essence or extract. You can leave it out if you don’t have it
    6)To make the jelly on top you can either use ready to use jello in one of the berry flavours of your choice or make your own as I did. I do prefer making my own. I boiled up about 250g mixed frozen summer berries(blueberries, blackberries,raspberries,redcurrants & strawberries) in about 1 cup of water until all soft and mushy then I pushed it through a strainer with the back of a spoon, to this liquid add enough sugar to sweeten to your taste and bring back to the boil then strain again,without pushing or squeezing, through a fine sieve or muslin cloth so that it is very clear. In the meanwhile soften 4 Gelatin leaves in quite a lot of cold water. Squeeze out all the water and stir the soft gelatine into the hot liquid. Allow to cool until almost cold but not setting yet.I decorate the cheesecake with thin slices of strawberry around the outer edge then gently pour over the jelly and return it to the refrigerator overnight to set completely.

    I hope this helps. If you have any other questions feel free to contact me via email at Collywolly@24.com xxx

  41. Lyndatjie
    LOL!!! Did you manage to get out OK??? :o) xxx

  42. Sidey
    hehe…….if I were closer I could possibly help…..you will be sorry you told me that…just another weapon in my arsenal :o) xxx

  43. Sidey
    Leave my friends out of this private war of yours….Lyndatjie…ignore her darling..she is grumpy cos of the sewing fiasco hehe xxx

  44. Rose
    this would indeed be perfect, enjoy it! hugs xxx

  45. Kerry
    LOL!! You too??????? Is everyone one on a flippin diet??? xxx

  46. Tickle
    Erm…..you’re almost one what??? A cheesecake??? LOL!!! xxx

  47. Blogabyebaby
    Thanx so much xxx

  48. Batty
    bathugs to you too darlin xxx

  49. ZAI’S FOOD
    Thanx so much. Hope you enjoy too xxx

  50. Original Cin
    Thanx Cin. will be glad if you try and please let me know :o) xxx

  51. Ghaap
    Dis net sonde as jy ooreet aan die ding hehe…dit is baie lekker :o) xxx

  52. Cazzie
    thankyou. Let me know how it turns out when you do try it :o) xxx

  53. Sidey
    LOL!! This IS a food blog you know hehe xxx

  54. Housewife
    you’re welcome…..and thanx, I think xxx

  55. Sidey
    LOL!!! Stop badgering my readers will you?? Go and sew those skew seams of yours :o) xxx

  56. The G
    Aaaah so that’s how you did it :o) xxx

  57. “Sigh” been ages since I had any tasters ..

  58. Vanilladream
    HEHE!!! Thats what happens in life eh? Im actually making one for Thursday heehee……xxx

  59. Oh. My. Word. Cheesecake is my favourite – I make a killer baked white chocolate & raspberry one. Yours looks absolutely divine, especially with that glamorous topping :)

  60. Cooksister
    Thanx so much. Ooooh I would like to try your baked one too :o) xxx

  61. I made this and loved it,the crystallised ginger is an absolute genius move! Although I’m not sure there’s an ingredient missing! In step 3 it refers to adding cream and I did think it had a bit too much gelatine in it, so wondered if some cream would make this absolutely perfect!!

    Will be sending to my sister in law and would appreciate any ideas!

  62. Murraymint, thankyou for the visit.
    My apologies, thanx so much for pointing it out to me…..I edited the recipe now…..so glad you liked it. The cream just makes it a bit creamier and smooth…hope your sister in law likes it too. Have a great weekend xxx

  63. PS I really like your name Murraymint hehe…

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