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I had such a great day yesterday. 5yr old Tyler came to spend the day and do a spot of baking. We always have so much fun in the kitchen and he is quite the little pastry chef.  He had a choice as to what we were going to make and he chose pancakes. Man, I have never seen a small child plough through a plate of pancakes like this little guy. And he has been like that since forever!!! We had a lot of fun measuring out and mixing the batter and then making up a plateful of his favourites. He loves to eat them  with cinnamon sugar and a squeeze of lemon juice. When he left he took half of the batter with him in an empty cold drink bottle to make at his home for his mom and dad.

Lots of eggs

Little fingers grating the nutmeg

We like to use peanut oil for our pancakes

A sprinkle of cinnamon sugar, a dot of butter &
a squeeze of lemon juice

When brownieboy got home from work we decided to go for a nice walk and watch the sunset. We ended up at Longbeach at Kommetjie. I took a couple of nice photos, and I am sure I saw Jasmine’s  pawprints all over that beach :o)  It was a bit windy, the sunset was not too spectacular as there was quite a lot of cloud cover but the walk was invigorating and refreshing….in other words, chilly :o)


Granny’s beach & a cloudy sunset

On our return I made a delicious healthy chicken stir fry which we had for our supper and then for dessert for brownieboy I made a pancake which I served with rum flambéed bananas and a scoop of ice cream. And no, browniegirl did not partake of that particular delight. It is rather difficult having a very slim husband who is forever looking for a bit of weight to put on while you are trying to lose some. It never seems to find the right target in this household…..Remember that product called Weight-On from the 70’s & 80’s??? I cannot tell you how much of that stuff the man was fed but he is still looking for that elusive weight! We all know why he can never find it….yep, because I have already found every ounce of it!!


Anyway for those who would like to try the pancake with rum flambéed bananas….here is how

Melt a knob of butter in a frying pan, add one banana cut into rounds. Sprinkle with some treacle sugar and add a squeeze of lemon juice, just the bottled variety works well. Sauté gently until banana is lightly browned and the sugar has caramelized. You can add this to your pancake just as is, if preferred otherwise pour over a glug of rum, stand back a bit and ignite…….jiggle the pan around on the heat until the flames have disappeared.

Place one pancake onto a dinner plate, pour the banana and syrup onto one quarter of the pancake allowing some to fall onto the plate as well.

Fold the pancake in half over the bananas and then in half again

to make one quarter

Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream





browniegirl xxx

62 responses to SUNSETS & PANCAKES

  1. Very cute!! mmmm…pancakes…:)

  2. Looks like you have a chef in the making there! Could I use another fruit in place of the ‘nanas – I’m intolerant of them, can’t smell them or eat them without hurling my heart out.

  3. Hmmm Goodie, I love pancakes, as you know, as you were invited to join me on rainy day a few months ago. BUT I do not like cook, fried or flambed banana, mine must be half green then only do I eat them, mind you all my fruit must be firm not at all mushy, ugh.

    I love Ty bandana that he wears when he cooks/bakes. Sweet child.

    I hope that you have a lovely weekend my dear Sista.
    Lots of hugs

  4. I havent had a pancake in ages!!! looks so good and am sure tastes awesome.

    Tyler looks so handsome!!
    Love the head gear…

  5. Een ding wat ek nie kan maak nie :(
    Have a lovely weekend.

  6. Oh bugger, now I want pancakes for breakfast. I KNEW I should have bought eggs when I stopped at the shop yesterday. As to the flambe version: sounds divine but her royal laziness here will wait for someone else to do the intricate stuff for her! Tyler’s a goodlooking kid, btw. Oh, AND I liked the beach photos.

  7. oi – what mekes you think I wasn’t sober – I only had 1 savanna!

  8. so she replaces the cheesecake with yummy panckes – oh NO!!!!!!!

  9. you are so horrid about my 1 savanna that I have been in tears for the last few hours ;~)

    actually i have been drinking lots of water all week, and wonder if this isn’t just a get rid of toxins headache that has finally found me

    of course it may be a “don’t get on with the sewing and embroidery” kind of headache – lol


  11. Tagine & Tea
    thanx so much hmmmmm yes! xxx

  12. The G –

  13. Half-pint
    indeed I have….You can use any fruit you like really. I used bananas cos they are hubbys favourite. For myself I could go with nectarines and some Van Der Hum or Cherries and brandy or rum hmmmm now I feel like some myself hehe xxx

  14. Griet
    hello darlin. Thanx so much. I know you love pancake :o) Other fruit will do well in this. See my reply to half-pint. It is a Sunflower Fund bandana that I bought…he prefers to wear it in winter when its chilly but I tell him its for cleanliness in the kitchen so he wears it under duress hehe. Hope you are having a super weekend too xxx

  15. Lyndatjie
    ;o) hehe xxx

  16. adorable!
    and he looks like he’s enjoying it too!

  17. Cooking up a storm and then risking being out in one!

    Those goodies look so deliciious I am (almost) tempted to stray into that strange land called a kitchen and try some!

  18. sewing is very slow – the bits don’t seem to match up!

  19. Madmom
    thanx so much. Yes, its always nice when the sprogs can help themselves hehe xxx

  20. Marcy
    go make some girl….u can freeze them and have one now and again….. :o) thanx, yes, I like Ty to wear a bandana when he works in the kitchen. Have a good weekend there in the cold xxx

  21. Beertjie
    dit is soooo maklik. Ek sal vir jou help as jy will probeer…Hugs xxx

  22. Lyndatjie
    I’m sure the chef at the Southern Right will make you some…if Id known you were going to be so very close to me I wouldve invited you over for one :o) xxx

  23. Stray Cat
    Thanx so much for all your lovely comments. Much appreciated…its so little effort to make the fruity filling. Takes less than 5 minutes :o) xxx

  24. train them young….;)he’s a real little cutie, that little grater just fits him

  25. Mmmmm…. sounds absolutely heavenly! Think I’ll just glug the rum into my mouth until Wed and then make some pancakes! LOL

  26. i’m such a sucker for pancakes. but i’m watching my weight. sadly, the more i watch it, the more it just stays put.

  27. Sidey
    LOL!!! You are so funny. I do think, though, that the water could be responsible in that it is flushing out toxins. As long as you are eating properly…….of course it could be eye and neck strain from all the sewing and embroidery :o) xxx

  28. Zai’s food
    Thanx so much. It is indeed ideal for breakfast :o) xxx

  29. Lyndatjie
    sorry darlin, I dont do the MOBs…too busy with my own mob here hehe xxx

  30. Tickle
    thankyou, we both enjoyed it so much :o)xxx

  31. Colonialist
    Hehe…yes!!! I wish you would stray into that strange land…you might love it :o) xxx

  32. Sidey
    OH NO!!! What did you do???? I hope your headache is gone and that you can sort it all out :o( xxx

  33. BBB
    hehe yes. He has been working with me in the kitchen since he was a toddler…started off by licking the dishes :o) Thanx so much xxx

  34. Cilla
    thankyou, and ja, I think the rum is a good idea…..use a straw hehe and enjoy the pancakes when you do get to make them…hopefully Wednesday. Patience until then :o) xxx

  35. Wie is Wie
    Hi there and welcome to my blog….and nice to see your smile :o) xxx

  36. i can’t beliebe i seem to have made a misake cutting – so now i hve to undo hf of what i have already done – damn!

  37. Saaleha B-M
    yep, we all are singing the same sad tale hehe . Nice to see you again xxx

  38. Lyndatjie
    Now you’re talking :o) xxx

  39. Ag dis te lekker en te pragtig….ek lek my lippe af vir daai pannekoeke.

  40. Hutton
    Hi there xxx

  41. Sidey
    OH NOOOO Im so sorry to hear that…..damn!!! :o( xxx

  42. Therina
    Thanx so much :o) xxx

  43. yummy yummy, where is mine sniff sniff! I mean the rum version he he x

  44. Vanilladream
    If I show you how to make some then you can have it whenever you want…..:o) xxx

  45. OCin
    Shame on you……you had your turn with cuppicakes now its Bunns turn with pancakes :o) xxx

  46. that dress just was not meant to be for this occasion. so what, I’ll still be there in another outfit, and still have fun, and that’s all that really counts.

    when i can get back to the plaza to replace the panel material I’ll complete it for another occasion.

    and if the material is all gone, i’ll make it into a fancy top, and have enough left for a cami as well.

  47. Sidey
    that is the perfect attitude to have friend….and I know you will have a wonderful time too with your family :o) xxx

  48. Oooo, you can be glad you live in another province little Moo!

    Otherwise I would have been beating down your door, demanding some pancakes!! :)



  49. Android
    Thanx so much :o) xxx

  50. MWS
    HAHA!!! You betcha Im glad :o)Have a good week M xxx

  51. Tyler is sooo cute and your pancakes looks delicious!!

  52. CapeComments
    thanx so much. Ty is my eldest grandson and he and I share a very special bond….have a good week xxx

  53. I love pancakes, my bro makes the best ones, every blue moon, but they are jusr great, mostly because i don’t have to make them.

  54. Kerry
    I think most people enjoy pancakes, they can be consumed in so many guises…but not many like to make them. They are really easy to make though…. :o) xxx

  55. Seblief ;)

  56. Beertjie
    Ek sal vir jou email :o) xxx

  57. What a lovely warm blog!

  58. Food24Ed
    Thanx so much darlin….much appreciated :o) xxx

  59. love this Browniegirl….now you got me in the mood to make pancakes *smiles*

  60. Thankyou so much Santana…hope you enjoy the pancakes xxx

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