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When I wake up in the morning and the day is cool and overcast my heart skips a beat and I just know that this is going to turn into a delicious baking day.. :o)

Saturday was just such a morning so, while my two favourite guys were washing and polishing the motorbike on the patio, 

I wandered into the kitchen and out came my recipe books so that I could ponder a bit as to what to make. I love unplanned baking, its always a surprise to everyone what emerges at the end of the baking session! Actually this time there was not much contest really as I had been eyeballing a jar of fruit mince that I had left over after my recent Christmas Mince Pie baking effort………so it had to be something with that as an ingredient.

My mind started going back to my childhood and the taste memories I carry with me from that time. One of the things that my mom  baked, with some regularity, was a biscuit that she called Apricot Jam Fingers…..during the year they had apricot jam in them but at Christmas time, during the holidays, our biscuit tins were filled with, among others, these wonderful Fruit Mince Fingers……hmmmmm other little fingers were always caught stealing them out of the tins, placed so high up on the shelves in the pantry – but ve had vays und meanz  :o)

I eventually found the recipe, that I had sadly neglected the past few years since my own kids had flown the coop, in my original recipe book, written in my  innocent, almost childlike handwriting from
those days.

I hauled out the jar of fruit mince (it was only ¾ full as I had used some for the mince pies) and I added to it 1 apple that I peeled, cored and grated and the freshly grated zest of an orange. I thinned it slightly with just a quick squeeze of the orange juice

Here is my slightly “pimped” recipe of one of my childhood favourites….just ‘cos I can!!




For the filling

1 Jar Fruit Mince

1 Granny Smith Apple peeled, cored and roughly grated

Zest from 1 Orange finely grated

A squeeze of orange juice just to thin the fruit a bit

Add all together and set aside until needed

For the cookie dough

Preheat the oven to 2000C with your rack in the middle


125g Unsalted Butter

½ Cup (125ml) Granulated Sugar

1 Egg

2 Cups (500ml) All Purpose Flour

Pinch of Salt

2 level tsp (10ml) Baking Powder

1 tsp Ginger (5ml)  -  Jenny Morris brand is good

¼ tsp Cinnamon (1,2ml) – Jenny Morris Brand is good

1 tsp (5ml) Vanilla Extract

Beat together the butter & sugar until light & creamy

Add the egg & 1 Tbs of the flour & beat in well until light

Sift the dry ingredients together & fold gently into the batter until just incorporated

Place the dough on a board and divide in half

Cover one half with Glad wrap and place in the fridge

Spray a swiss roll pan with Spray n Cook then press the one half of the cookie dough evenly into the pan, making it as level as possible. Don’t let it go up the sides of the pan, just cover the base only

Spread the prepared fruit filling evenly over the pastry base, ensuring it is all well covered with fruit

Grate, with the rough side of the grater, the remainder of the chilled dough evenly over the top of the filling, making sure there are no big gaps

Transfer the baking pan to the middle rack of the preheated oven & bake for about 15 minutes or until the top is lightly tanned and the outer edges start turning a darker brown

Remove from oven, allow to cool for 10 minutes, then cut into bars or fingers. Run a knife all around the edges while it is still hot to stop the hot jam like filling from sticking to the sides of the pan and breaking the biscuits when you try to remove them

Allow to cool completely in the pan then remove with a spatula

Pack into airtight containers and enjoy when your tummy rumbles & you head off to make a pot of tea, a cup of coffee or just to pour a glass of milk…..



Enjoy………and have a delicious week everyone,

browniegirl xxx

PS  Kids of all ages love these and they make a lovely surprize packed into a lunch box as a special treat :o)


  1. Ag Brownie girl,.. you know I cant make this!!! but it looks so lovely!

    And,.. thanks so much for all the visits, I really do appreciate them….

  2. Angelor
    You are welcome….and actually you could make these. They are really easy to make and so delicious xxx

  3. I hope u enjoyed lady, ohh i like baking too pls give me that delicious baking receipt

  4. oooooo… just down my alley! I remember buying the ones with the apricot jam years ago, delicious…..Have a lovely week…

  5. yup … also remember the apricot jam variety! … this is a great lunchbox idea! nice for a sweet treat :)

  6. I bet those two bike-cleaning guys were very happy about you unplanned baking spree…..

  7. Yummy as always
    BattyBatHugz for a great week

  8. These look alot like hungarian tart I learnt how to make in high school. Looks lovely!

  9. Oh dear, I’m trying very hard to stick to a healthy eating regime, but your blog has such tempting wonderful stuff and the photos just make my mouth water…
    Have a lovely day brownie girl!

  10. Have a lovely day :)

  11. Bike and confection have definite appeal!

    My best ever of one of those was one bought at George Bakery when I was a kid waiting to change trains. Maybe it was the occasion as much as the actual fruit slice, but it was hot from the oven, crumbly and delicious!

  12. Hi Moo. I am sure if I lived with you I would be enormous. All your food looks so fabulous. I have just copied the Potato Salad recipe to make this weekend. Have a lovely week.

  13. Hi BG, looks like you had a great day!
    Had overcast weather also this weekend, but hot sunshine as well! and some rain inbetween. Very interesting actually! I worked in my garden (again) keeping a beady eye on my Sweetheart. Although sick, she still follows me like a shadow. She does look much better tho, I am so relieved.
    Hope you’re having a great week so far, those fingers look delicous!! xxx

  14. Your bars look delicious, I could murder one about now!

  15. I love reading your blogs Miss Moo!

  16. Oh, I remember those! They were a stalwart of every mom’s cookie tin when I was growing up. Happy, yummy memories :)

  17. Voice Up
    Thankyou so much and welcome to my blog. Hope you enjoy making these :o) xxx

  18. T&T
    Goodie. Hope you make them for the kidlets xxx

  19. Tickle
    Thanx darlin. I hope to see them in those delicious lunch boxes you are making xxx

  20. Nina
    They were indeed hehe…..:o) xxx

  21. Original Cin
    Ooooh Yummy. I love cinnamon cake……Im wondering how the angelfish pate turned out. xxx

  22. Batty
    Thanx so much darlin
    Big hugs to you too xxx

  23. Nafisa
    Thankyou. I would be interested in the hungarian tart…

  24. Rose
    Thankyou so much….. sorry! :o) xxx

  25. Beertjie
    Thanx so much
    You too and hugs xxx

  26. Colonialist
    Thanx Col….that mustve been one delish cookie for you to remember it so well :o) xxx

  27. Sundancer
    Thanx so much. Enjoy the potato salad this weekend Hugs xxx

  28. Kleine Vlieg
    Hey KV,
    it was indeed a lovely day. The weather seems to be strange all over the place these days….glad to hear your old girl is doing better. Dont overdo the gardening and sun again…..:o) xxx

  29. Nicisme
    Thanx Nic, the family already murdered them hehe :o) xxx

  30. Colleen Figg
    Miss Moo thanx you most graciously Col :o) xxx

  31. Cooksister
    LOL! Yes, looking at the comments its amazing how many families were enjoying these back in those delightful days :o) xxx

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