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Due to unprecedented demand I am publishing my best kept secret……… pancake recipe!!! I must be crazy…….but I have a big heart and want everyone to experience the fun of making their own!! And in any case, as Ty is always saying when he wants something….Caring is Sharing……… :o)

Quite a few readers have expressed fear or reticence in making pancakes….It really is simple & there is  no great secret to making a good pancake except maybe….a hot pan!! You can make them crepe thin or thicker according to your personal preference. There is no need to flip the pancakes in a grandiose show of expertise…..but by all means do it if you wish to……..once you get the hang of it it is very easy to do…..but be prepared for a couple of flops along the way hehe!! I am teaching Tyler to do it :o) but because of arthritis and a fused wrist I no longer flip them grandly myself. I use the good old spatula for that….so go ahead, make some PANCAKES you lot!!!




2 Cups Flour

4 Eggs

400ml Water

300ml Half Milk & half Buttermilk

Salt to taste – start with about ½ tsp then add more later to taste

A good grating of Nutmeg

2 tsp Brown Vinegar




·       Sift flour, salt & nutmeg into a bowl & make a well in the centre

·       Break in all the eggs then mix up slightly with a wooden spoon

·       Add most of the water at once & beat well – I use my mixer for this but you can use the wooden spoon if you have the stamina :o) – add the rest of the water and continue beating until no lumps remain. At this stage the mixture should look like thick cream

·       Add the milk mixture bit by bit until the mixture looks like thin cream – I find that I use it all  and maybe even a bit more

·       Stir in the vinegar

·       Taste the mixture (ugghh but this is an important step!!) and add more salt if it tastes too bland. I find that salted pancake batter makes much tastier pancakes

·       If the mixture is lumpy you can pour it through a strainer into a clean bottle

·       Let it rest for about 15minutes in the fridge before you make the pancakes


To make the pancakes

Have your dry pan smoking hot over a medium heat or flame

Pour in a tiny amount of peanut oil – just to coat the pan

Pour in about 30ml or so of batter into the hot pan & swirl it around immediately to coat the base of the frying pan

Watch carefully & as soon as it starts to bubble and turn light brown around the edges start shaking the pan to loosen the pancake. Use a silicon spatula to help loosen the sides

Once the pancake is loose you can either flip it over using just a light flick of your wrist or using the spatula

Cook briefly on the second side before sliding it into a waiting dish or plate

Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar, a little knob of butter and a squeeze of lemon juice

Keep warm until ready to eat

Repeat until you have as many pancakes as you want


Brownie Notes

I bottle my batter in any clean cool drink bottle and keep it, sealed,  in the fridge for up to 4 days and just make a few at a time as needed. The bottle makes for easy, clean,  controlled pouring into the pan


You can double or treble the recipe quiet happily if you need to make a lot of pancakes. Always use the ratio of 2 eggs to 1 Cup flour and increase the other ingredients proportionately


I like to use half buttermilk but you can use only milk if you prefer


I find that Peanut Oil handles the high heat the best of all the oils and it has no flavour to taint the pancakes


I keep a little squeezie bottle for my pancake oil. I use the one that you get in some home hair colour kits :o)

Pancakes can be successfully frozen. Interleave dry plain pancakes with wax paper and freeze flat in an airtight container or freezer bag. Just remove as many as you need each time and thaw at room temperature or microwave very briefly

Pancakes make wonderful wraps with savoury fillings as well as sweet ones. They also replace cannelloni tubes or lasagna sheets very successfully in pasta dishes

Most importantly….have fun & ENJOY!!!
browniegirl xxx

PS  – Thanx so much to the Eds for putting my pancake post and Ty on the main page of blogs as one of their top components. Much appreciated to be appreciated :o)