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Staying on the subject of pancakes just for a bit longer…….just because I had a tiny bit of batter left in the fridge that had to be used up urgently………..on Monday evening I made the last 2 pancakes …..and seeing as it was my detox day and so no food allowed for this girl I took out 2 chicken breast fillets and made the chicken fricassee that I had previously spied over at

bigbigjoe ‘s

delightful blog Bon Gusto and then blogged by me HERE, and pimped it a bit by using onion instead of leeks (just ‘cos that’s what I had in the kitchen Belinda), button mushrooms instead of portabellini (ditto) and adding some frozen peas about 5 minutes before the end of cooking time. I then used this as a filling for the 2 pancakes and served it up as dinner with a small garden salad for my brownieboy. He raved about it and told me I absolutely HAD to blog it and tell everyone that he says you lot have to try this………,because I ALWAYS do as I am told………….. :o)




2 Skinless Chicken Breast fillets – sliced into thin strips

1Large Onion – chopped up in ¼’s lengthwise then finely sliced

1 Garlic Clove finely grated

1 Glug Olive Oil and 1 Tbs Butter

1 Glass Chardonnay

½ Glass Water

½ Pkt Button Mushrooms – finely sliced

200ml Cream

1 tsp Dijon Mustard

½ tsp Dried Tarragon

1tsp Fresh Thyme Leaves picked from stems

1 Lemon

Fresh Parsley – handful chopped finely

¼ Cup Frozen Petit Pois

Salt & Cracked Black Pepper


Heat a large saucepan over high heat

Add the oil, butter, onion, garlic, thyme, wine & water.

Bring to a boil, cover and simmer for 5 min

Add the chicken, mushrooms, cream, mustard and tarragon.

Stir well, then lower heat to very gentle and allow to simmer for 10 minutes

Add the frozen peas and allow to simmer for 5 more minutes

Squeeze in the juice from the lemon and season to taste

Serve as a filling in 2 warmed pancakes, reserving some sauce to pour over the top of the pancakes &  sprinkle with the parsley.



browniegirl xxx

66 responses to SAVOURY PANCAKES

  1. Sorry, detox and this recipe? explain please.

  2. I was detoxing on Monday so was not able to eat Supa so I did this for my brownieboy and I ate nought,nothing,zero,zilch,nada, nix!!! But he said it was so fabulously delicious that I had to blog about it. xxx

  3. hmmmm that looks sooooooo good it would be a shame not to try it out! Have a great evening! :)

  4. Oi! Stoppitnow! I had to go out and buy eggs after you last blogged about pancakes and then I guzzled the ENTIRE batch for brekkie. Enuff is enuff. Quit with the temptation already!

  5. How can you have a detox day and cook that? I obviously dont have the willpower you do! I would give him miso soup for next detox day!!! :)

  6. I donno how you resisted this.. you’re so disciplined. I do admire you :)
    So glad about BIL, have been nervous to ask. I can relax a bit now and go to bed.. got to hit the highway early tomorrow. HUGS my love. xxx

  7. ((((HUGS))))

  8. guess who? Yes it is I!!! thank you soooooooooooooo much for all the kind words and thoughts oh and ofcurse that damn chocolate cake. I have been out of action for so long , I was in London for a month and then bak again and work has been a nightmare of proportions- I have been her since 6 am this morning! so sadly I neglected to post and say hello and thank and so please accept this as a huge shoutout. I love your blog and yours is porobably the one thI always look forward to seeing….

  9. there she goes again – tempting us all…. ooh and then you mnaged to keep on the detox – wow!

  10. I want your wilpower, I have none.
    Hope that you are ok, i have not heard from you for a fe days,
    Lotsa hugs and love.

  11. Mmmmh, as jy by my moet bly sal ek nog dikker wees as wat ek is lol Dit lyk vreeslik yummy. Gaan goed aan hierdie kant. Hoop die jaar behandel jou goed sover!

  12. droooool! …

  13. Hi BG – these looks so very very delish. Whenever I order savoury pancakes in a restaurant though, I’m always disappointed. Hope you are having a great day so far!

  14. I want some now!!!!! Now I will crave this the whole day…

  15. Oh you are a cruel little moo…that looks so delish!!

    Njoy ur day Brownie girl!



  16. I really really really need to read your blog when I get home at night – now I will be starving for the rest of the day again!!! YUMMY!

  17. Moo, I made the pancakes – this is the best recipe I have ever, ever had for pancakes. I am so happy ! I will treat this recipe with the respect it deserves.

  18. So proud of you to not give in to temptation…can not believe you could resist!

  19. Innovation is the startingpoint of all culinary pelasure, Browniegirl- and a telltale sign of an experienced lekkerbek!

    I’ll have to try your version soon.

    Meanwhile, for the next detox: do it Obelix style. Have just a waterbiscuit, dear, with a little something on it- like a roast sucklingpig, MWAAHAAHAA!

  20. Damn it Browniegirl your food always looks soo gooood….!!! ( he types while drooling all over laptop )

  21. Hi Browniegirl. Have been printing out your recipes. Can’t wait to try some of them. The baking ones I give to my daughter to do. Have a lovely day.

  22. That looks really appitising! I haven’t made savoury pancakes for ages.

  23. Now that’s my type of pancake ;)

  24. White Choc
    Thanx darlin…..let me know what you think of it xxx

  25. The G
    Shame G, what hurts :o) xxx

  26. Straycat
    Ooooh Im glad to hear you made some pancakes :o) My job is done here hehe….:o) xxx

  27. Tagine & Tea
    Miso soup???????? HAHAHAAAAA! He would probably water the plants with it while I wasnt looking :o) Its not easy but when you are desperate you can do anything darlin hehe xxx

  28. Dinx
    LOL! Desperate times call for desperate measures doll hehe!!Thanx for the call, It was wonderful to chat and catch up. Hope all is well tonight. xxx

  29. Beertjie
    Big hugs to you tooo :o) xxx

  30. d1
    OHHHH MYYYYYY HAT!!!!! Man, I nearly slid right off my chair when i saw you had visited….Im relieved you are OK and thrilled to see you friend….thankyou so much for your very lovely comments…much appreciated. I miss you lots…I miss Aunt Hess, and deaf Molly, and Shannon…need I say more???? Hugs and I hope things calm down at work a bit for you soon xxx

  31. Sidey
    Indeed I did manage……I tempt myself as well but sometimes I get it right…Monday’s I am getting into a good routine now :o) xxx

  32. Griet,
    Thanx so much for asking friend, Im OK, few issues taking up my time and no airtime at the moment but will get tomorrow….well today seeing as it is already tomorrow hehe! And hey, I can share a bit of wilpower with you but you cant have it all OK??? Love you sista xxx

  33. Kosmos
    Thanx darlin, all good this side too, net baie besig ;o) xxx

  34. Original Cin
    Thanx so much, I saw the posting :o) xxx

  35. Tickle
    come girlie lets wipe that mouth with a piece of paper towel. It works better than tissue paper :o) xxx

  36. Say What?
    Hi darlin, I must say that I also dont like to order savoury pancakes when I am out….but home made ones are very different….these my hubby raved about. Hope you are feeling better xxx

  37. Michelle
    O dear……..I hope the craving wasnt too bad….Thanx so much for the visit xxx

  38. MWS
    Hello sweetie, you have to make it for yourself….hehe….have a good day too darlin xxx

  39. Miss Chris
    Good to see you darlin…and thanx, I will take that as a compliment ;o) xxx

  40. Rose&Thorn
    Thankyou so very much for that. I am sooo glad they worked out so well for you. Touched by what you have said in your posting…much appreciated. xxx

  41. on my wat before sparrows’s whatsit tomorrow. Everything regimented by the girls down there,

    pressies wrapped, clothes ready to fling into the case.

    all I need to do is get good night’s sleep tonight.

  42. Whow!!!! looks delish!!!!!! Looks sooo creamyyyyy. I can just taste it. Shame on you for making me hungry BG.

  43. Caption winners announced ;-)

  44. heheheee lovely logic Miss Moo!

    Ole Southey that you are!

    Respek mon!

  45. LOL! it tastes much better if someone else can make it for you!

    Njoy ur day little Moo!


  46. BatHugz for A great weekend

  47. Silverspoon
    thanx so much….I have my moments hehe xxx

  48. Bigbigjoe
    WAAAAAHAAAAAAAAA. So if you make the suckling pig Obelix I will bring the water biscuits heehee. Thanx BBJ….have a good weekend xxx

  49. ChefMark
    LOL!!! Thanx xxxx

  50. Sundancer
    Im so glad to hear that. I hope you guys enjoy all of them xxx

  51. Original Cin
    Hope you got my comment re the mug cake Cin….xxx

  52. Supa
    try them, they’re delicious……I believe hehe xxx

  53. Half-pint
    Yes……….Im thinking of you saying cheers to hubby for awhile…hugs xxx

  54. Android
    Sorry doll, I will do something for us losers soon :o) xxx

  55. Lyndatje
    Oooooh stop giving me that eye!!! Somethings coming for you xxx

  56. Side View
    Glad you are all sorted and ready to go…have a wonderful time friend xxx

  57. Maimai
    Good to see you again darlin….sowweee for making you hungry…..Have a good weekend xxx

  58. Hutton
    thanx ;) xxx

  59. Colleen Figg
    HAHA!! Thanx :o) xxx

  60. MWS
    HAHA!! Lazy girl……hugs for a good weekend xxx

  61. Batty
    Hugs to you too xxx

  62. Original Cin

    Thanx for checking up on me…..Im good. Mustve been posting as you sent your comment :o) xxx

  63. yummy!!!

  64. Kittewake
    Hey there girl. hows it going with you and cody???? Thanx for the visit….xxx

  65. your pancakes look delicious,well done browniegirl,you can make pancakes for me anytime.

  66. Zai’s Food
    Thanx so much :o) xxx

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