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April 7, 2009 in Uncategorized


Over the weekend after I had put up my posting for the Sideview weekend challenge I got a rather distressing comment from

Not ONE frog? I can feel a major league sulk and pout coming on…..
*sticks trembling lip out*

And boy, you don’t want to get onto the wrong side of the frog….I did try to appease her by telling her I do have froggies but they couldn’t take the heat in the kitchen so I put them out on the patio in amongst the plants but she has been in a sulk ever since, not visiting me and then when she did it was just to pass a rude comment about the fact that I have not blogged for 2 days. Well, I have news for her, I have had a big baking order to fill so my days have been spent in the kitchen and I am so buggered hot and tired by the end of the long day standing slaving working that I have been unable to edit and watermark my photos and still find something mundane delicious to blog about. Lyndatjie on the other hand has no shortage of stuff to blog about….have you lot read her latest CONSPIRACY THEORY ???? She is quite NUTS I tell you hehe….BUT NOT FAR WRONG EITHER……


Anyhooooo, I decided that I had to get back into her good books again so here I am with a photo of one of the resident froggies in the brownie household. This little guy belongs to my grandson Tyler, he received it as a gift from his favourite aunties M&S the other day when we took him to see the frog exhibition at the Two Oceans Aquarium……you see Lyndatjie, we are really very into frogs!!! Here in the valley where I live we even have road signs up warning us that it’s mating season & the leopard toads are crossing the road and they actually have right of way hehe!!


This chap. Ty has named him Froggie, how original hey?? Kinda likes to sit here and cuddle against my crocs. He saw the avatar of Remote Control Thingie & says he wants to be just like his relative, Auntie Lyndatjie, when he grows up so that he can hang out of a crocodiles mouth just like she does….hero worship already at such a tender age…….


So Lyndatjie, just for you……….an introduction to your newest relative…….I give you, the one, the only…….FROGGIE!!



My apologies to all my readers for being AWOL. I’m not really, just hectically busy in the kitchen with some baking orders……I will be back soonest with some tempting recipes and meals….thank you so much to those who have pm’d me asking where I am, missing me and asking if I am ok. You are all very special……


Hugs & croaks,

browniegirl & Froggie xxx