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Still no food posting…………sorreeeeeeeeeeee!!!! But don’t despair…it’s on it’s way!!!

I was tagged by DT over at DT Sticks to do the challenge Name 5 things you love about being a mother… I could go on and on and on…….there are thousands of valid reasons to love being a mother……from the sublime to the insane……..and there are probably just as many reasons to not love being a mother…..but for the sake of this challenge I have to narrow it down to just 5 so let’s go…… 

Sweet daughter, Ty, me & gorgeous IT son
(taken before Baby Jay was born)

1. The discovery that new life is forming and growing inside you, those first soft bubbling butterfly wing movements that make you wonder “Did I just feel….was that you baby?” And then later…..that first perfect scream as the cold air of life plays across their just born bodies and they fill their lungs with life giving air…..counting the perfect toes and fingers, the little pearl shaped ears…the perfect little bud shaped mouth, the absolute perfection & miracle of a baby and that first fierce feeling when you realize that you will protect that child and die for him/her!!


2. That warm sleepy body, that clean baby smell, the petal soft skin, those unused jelly baby toes and smooth soles that have yet to walk through life, the tousled curls tickling your nose, the plump rosy cheeks and ruby bruised looking lips burying themselves in shoulder, the little arms snaking around your neck, the quivering just woken voices saying I love you Mommy…….what’s NOT to love????


3. Being a mother keeps you humble and grounded. You can be a child again, it gives you an excuse to hunker down and do childish things with them  and see the wonder of the world through their eyes……laughing with them and watching their sense of humour develop…Phenomenal!!


4. Teaching them about life and life skills, and learning with them, about stuff I didn’t know about before….and knowing that that will never stop….Im still learning with them and from them…….feeling pain with them, hurting with them and crying with them and for them…..learning to be a praying mother, discovering strength that you didn’t know you had…..


5. Looking at these 2 beautiful people with a sense of awe, both so different and yet so alike, flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone and feeling the absolute wonder of unconditional love, the pride in who they are and the knowledge that I played a large part in them being who they are…..



And then…….just because I can………….


6. Being a grandmother………and starting all over again……OH YES!!!


  And now I have to tag some other suckers erm, mothers out there for the continuum of this challenge……….


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Homemade Heaven

I’ll have you know it has taken me rather long to do this post….sadly life sometimes gets in the way of blogging….but this browniegirl did have a fabulous day today. The weather is divine here in my part of the globe, a typical mild Autumn day, the time of year that I love the most and start enjoying new found energy that has been hugely sapped by the heat of summer. Spent some quality time with my visiting bro and sis in law from the hinterland and was treated to a delightfully fishy lunch. Now it’s back into the kitchen for me…
Till later,
browniegirl xxx

PS.. If you lot want to know what  madmom  loves about being a mother don’t bother going to her blog cos you wont find any reasons there…..push off and go check here LOL!!!