Easter Bread and Butter Pudding

April 15, 2009 in CHOCOLATE, DESSERT

On Easter Sunday, after our delightfully delicious lamb roast had settled and we were ready for the next course, I unveiled my dessert for the day….first time I had ever done this particular version. I have a brownieboy who adores old hot puddings (no Im not referring to myself OK….although I do rather fit that description & I know he does adore me teehee but I digress Belinda) and one of his favourites is Bread & Butter Pudding….so…..when I saw the mention on this blog of bread & butter pud made with the bun of the moment I knew that would be my choice of poison for the day. It was artery cloggingly delicious, thank you very much  jk  for the inspiration.  Now you know why I am on a weeks detox….  Ive been eyeballing that ONE leftover helping for a couple days now….but thank goodness sweet daughter is coming over for a visit just now :o)

Here is my version of Easter Bread & Butter Pudding…..if you find any of them stale buns lying around unused…..just do it!!



4 Hot Cross Buns – sliced in half, lightly buttered then spread with Nutella Spread

Slice each half in half again and pack tightly into a buttered rectangular oven proof dish

Scatter over a few sultanas & some chopped roasted almonds or pistachios

Grate over the zest of an orange

Slice 2 Marshmallow Easter Eggs into quarters and pack these in between the buns

Make a custard the following way:

6 Jumbo Egg Yolks

125g Castor Sugar

200ml Cream

200ml Milk

1 Vanilla Bean – split & the seeds scraped out into the milk (Stick the used pod into a bottle of sugar or castor sugar to make vanilla sugar for baking)

Whisk the yolks and sugar together until very pale and thick

While doing that heat together the milk and cream until it just reaches boiling point. Remove Vanilla Bean, then pour the boiling milk onto the thickly beaten eggs while whisking gently all the time

Pour the hot custard over the prepared pudding and leave to stand for 20 minutes

 Preheat oven to 1800C

Place the oven dish with the pudding into a larger roasting tin, cover the pudding tightly with buttered foil

Place halfway into the oven then gently pour boiling water into the large roasting tin till it comes halfway up the side of the pudding dish

Push fully onto the middle rack, close the oven & bake for about 30 minutes until the pudding has set almost completely

Remove from the oven & turn on the grill

Remove the pudding from the water bath, remove foil, sprinkle over extra castor sugar then grill on top shelf until the sugar caramelizes. You can use a blow torch for this stage if you have one :o)

 Serve still warm with a scoop of ice cream or thick cream

 (This is the same recipe that I use for making my usual bread & butter pudding. It has the smooth rich consistency of baked custard or crème brulee instead of the firm baked bready consistency that you get if you use the egg whites as well. To make regular bread & butter pudding use slightly stale bread, buttered & spread with a bit of apricot jam then cut each slice cut into 2 triangles and pack into your dish, scatter over some sultanas or cranberries, pour over the custard as per above. I like to sprinkle nutmeg on the top)


browniegirl xxx

39 responses to Easter Bread and Butter Pudding

  1. There goes my diet again!!! I love bread pudding.

    I hope that you are having a wonderful day. I am ready to go get in the pool for lessons but I must confess I am a bit moeg, I wish that it was the end of May so that I could close for the winter months and have a bit of a rest, but no mercy for the poor I say.


  2. Yikes, but this is decadent!!! Especially with the nutella – very underrated ingredient…

  3. i’ve been linked!
    yay for jk!

  4. LOL!!! Sorry girl….shame, end of May is not too far away if you think about it…..and I will see you before then hehe Hugs xxx

  5. It is indeed Rose…..worth trying I tell you xxx

  6. YAY!!!! xxx

  7. HHmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm looks lekka.Eventhough I do not like raisins. I normaly pick them out of the bun heheheh

  8. I also need to detox but so far no luck. You need to send me some motivation.

  9. Yummy! What a fab idea…
    I’m a bread and bbutter pudding fan but normally I jsut whisk the eggs and milk together. But that’s lazy – I’m goign to try this way next time :)


  11. yum am going to try it this weekend

  12. O’ course you are a hot pudding!! Should ask ur hub if u as yummy as the bread and butter pudding??

  13. Ive come across some people like you who dont like the raisins Maimai….just leave them out but dont know what you can do with those in the buns unless you use bread or croissants and add a bit of cinnamon & nutmeg to the pudding….nice to see you again…big hug xxx

  14. Baglady, Ive lost 11kg and I dont want to ever put them back on….enough motivation??? Hehe…xxx

  15. My husband would do anything to have this….now MIL very kindly bought some hot cross buns across with her which are in the freezer and as soon as we are finished our detox weeks (aaaargh…) will be making this for sure:)

  16. Hey darlin try it, it really is much nicer. You can bag and freeze the whites for when you need them :o) xxx

  17. You’re welcome ZAI xxx

  18. Oh goodie SP, i hope you and hubby enjoy it :o) xxx

  19. Ag dankie skattebolletjie….LOL!!! xxx

  20. Me or the pudding?????? BWAHAHAAA…maybe with a sprinkling of aromat to make me special hey? xxx

  21. That dilly great aunt will know about bread and butter pudding for sure Granny Hen…heehee….it was delish…bookmark it for future use darlin, big hugs xxx

  22. Detox weeks??? WEEKS??? Ag no man…..LOL!! Im sure he will enjoy T&T…let me know when you eventually make it…big hugs xxx

  23. Well more of a two week diet than detox…feels like a concentration camp here and only on day one…sjoe….this is going to be tough…hahahaha…..:)

  24. BROWNIEGIRL,BROWNIEGIRL!!… Are u goin to call us all, I mean all us ladies for the puddingSmileyCentral.com….mmmmmm

  25. BG, that is very cruel….I’m seeing this delish cake and my tummy is rumbling for dinner now ;-) Looks wonderful! Have a great week.

  26. HEHE!!! Sorry girl, all gone as Ty would say…..gave the left overs to my daughter this afternoon so I can breathe easier :o) xxx

  27. Droolicious! You must be counting the days until you go on holiday ;)

  28. Avert thine eyes darlin….right now hehe…its dinnertime you can go eat :o) xxx

  29. I am indeed Halfy…wondered if anyone had noticed my countdown clock hehe…big hugs xxx

  30. ooh i love b&b pud. my sister soaks her rasins in brabdy or sherry oernight first


  31. YUM Sidey, its delicious when you do that……hugs xxx

    PS Have you tried it with chocolate croissants??? Wicked xxx

  32. This looks divine! You are so creative in the kitchen… think it is time you bring out a recipe book ;) Have a nice day! xxx hugs xxx

  33. LOL!!! Youre as bad as my daughter, she always nags me about that hehe….thanx Debs xxx

  34. Thanx Nick….hehe…not a bad place to live I reckon xxx

  35. Ahhhh ok then…very tough indeed….xxx

  36. You know, you are an evil genius!! Or a hot pudding, as the case may be ;-) This sounds absolutely sinfully delicious!

  37. LOL!! I like evil genius…..thanx Jeanne. Much appreciated. and it was sinfully delicious xxx

  38. This recipe sounds amazing. I am definitely going to make it. Probably a zillion calories but who cares.

  39. Hello sweetie, nice to see you sniffing around the archives hehe. Its dusty in here……the kazillion calories don’t count on Easter Sunday :o) Hugs and Happy Easter to you sundancer xxx

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