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I did the deed, did you????????



At least my thumb looks a lot better than Supa’s ….hers has an F tattooed on it BWAHAA!! I think she asked them to do it….and while on the subject of the ink I have a bone erm thumb to suck pick with Madmom .I saw her comment on a blog that her purple mark was already gone…..she then said she had nibbled on it and it disappeared……and to quote her “must be the bleach in my saliva” So I thought….maybe I could try nibble on mine too…..for Pete’s sake tell me there were others out there who tried this?? Or am I the only nutter around?? That ink tasted soooooo disgustingly bitter that I ran around like a headless chicken looking for something sweet to suck on while brownieboy stood laughing his cute tush off at the look on my face and my frantic high-pitched ululating until I managed to dip my finger into the orange syrup I had just made for the cake I was baking….bliss!!! So Madmom, go read what it says on Supa’s thumb from me OK???? :o)


 Did any of you go for your free Wimpy Coffee? I didn’t go, apparently the queues were worse than at the polling stations…..and I had baking to do for the tea I am catering for tomorrow. In fact if I hadn’t had all the baking to do I would’ve suggested a little drive to the nearest Nando’s for a celebratory meal HAHA!!!


I heard on TV that there was a much higher turnout of voters than anticipated and that some stations were running out of ballot papers way before the time of closing. In fact I think they had to extend the hours of voting due to the unprecedented turn out… that good or bad? Depends I think….then I saw on twitter a short while ago Mayor Zille calling on people who had been turned away to please go back and vote as the papers had been replenished. I hope they did go back…..for the sake of their country.


I have to share with you all a conversation that took place between Tyler and myself yesterday…………..

Ty: Nan, I really hope that Papa doesn’t win the elections


Me: *perplexed* What do you mean my darling?


Ty: Well Mr. Mbeki (he never has been able to get his mouth around Mothlante) is away from home all the time isn’t he? I always see him in other places on the news.


Me: Jaaaa, so what does that have to do with Papa and the elections?


Ty: After the elections there will be a new president for Souf Africa wont there?


Me: *quite bemused by now*….remember this little man is only 5 years old….Yes, there will be a new president for South Africa Ty..


Ty: Well then, if Papa wins the elections and becomes president I will never get to see him anymore!!!


Me: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh – as the penny dropped. So I had to explain to the little guy that his papa was going to go and vote for someone else to become the president and that he himself was not standing to become president in these elections. Maybe another time….Oh the relief that child felt…his face showed an entire story….I just hugged him really tight and said yep, for now we will still have our Papa here with us…. :o) I love that boy!!!


Did you lot see the absolutely breathtakingly beautiful sunset that we were treated to this evening??? I unfortunately was stuck in the kitchen baking and cooking (had GITS and his Girl coming for supper and to learn the ropes for dog and bird sitting while we are away) but I suddenly saw it through the back door so dropped everything, grabbed my trusty little mik en druk (Point & Shoot) camera and took a couple of shots over the neighbours wall in the hopes of missing the overhead telephone wires…….yes Mavis, they do still have those ancient unsightly things in some areas here….it was already almost over when I saw it so here is the photo I took…..
I somehow don’t think it’s good enough for the Earth Day Mosaic thingie……


For Dinner we had Moo’s Roast Chicken & crispy potato roasties, Mom’s old fashioned boere style green beans, steamed mix veg, rice and chicken gravy.



Finally dessert was…..drumroll please…..rhubarb crumble. I thawed that rhubarb that I froze some time ago, mixed it with a split Vanilla Bean, zest of half an orange, the juice of the whole orange and a few teaspoons of sunsweet light brown sugar. Popped it into the oven at 2200C for about 25 minutes and voila, beautifully roasted rhubarb which retained its form and didn’t mush into stringy nothingness.

This will be my new way of cooking rhubarb from now on. Topped it with a simple crumble where I substituted half the flour for Oat Bran otherwise known as Pinhead Oats….it was a stunning pudding, tart and sweet with a vanilla hit. Served with custard and cream it was a winner. Hmmm, I read somewhere that vanilla is addictive….so THAT’S why I like it so much and use it all the time….. :o)


I don’t know if any of you have been following the countdown clock to the right under my badges. You will see there are only 2 days left before the brownies go on holiday. That’s right folk, this gal and her guy are outta here early on Saturday morning for a vacation. 3 weeks of freedom with days yawning ahead of us full of emptiness, ready for us to paint into them just what we want to do for that day….. time our very own for the first time since 1999!!! It is that long since my hubby has had a break and he is exhausted. The last 10 years were extremely difficult ones for us and slowly, over the past year since he got his first full time job since his (lets call it a) golden handshake during a hostile takeover of the corporation he had worked at for 27 years, we have started finding our feet on more stable ground….sometimes it still shifts but it gets better. I have to tell you all that I have a wonderful husband. During the past 10 years he endured much rejection (too male, too pale on the wrong side of 50) too highly qualified, and as the years went by, too long out of the field of business etc etc. He heard them all, yet he did not lie down and die in a fit of depression.  He never sat home a single day staring at the tv drinking beer or whatever……that man went out every day, weekends included, looking for and finding temporary jobs to do, supporting me, feeling anxious that he wasn’t supporting me enough because of my high medical costs. He was exploited by employers because he was desperate for work, he worked long and hard for a pittance, but it was earnings and we were so grateful. He handled it all with a quiet dignity and determination. We stood by one another, we prayed together, we made huge sacrifices together and also the very big decision last year to sell our last asset, our house!! It broke my heart, I had just redesigned the kitchen to suit my every need, higher work surfaces, a special sink, everything handy for me at the stove, the oven at eye level and so on. I adored that place! I watched it go from this……..

to this……….

and I loved it!!
To work in it was an absolute delight!!

But, we stood together and still are standing together. I am so proud of you my brownieboy, and I love you and am honored to be your helpmeet, your wife, your confidante, your lover, your friend…….so wish us bon voyage dear readers as we leave early Saturday morning. We are taking a road trip through the Karoo, visiting places that I have never seen before and some that neither of us have seen before, knocking items off that bucket list of ours…..From the Karoo we will travel to the hinterland for 3 days to visit my MIL who is getting rather frail now, also my brother and brownies brother who live there, and then onwards to the Free State where we will spend 5 days on the farm with my brother close to the foothills of the Maluti Mountains.I cannot wait – while we are there I believe we are going to see the Bloemfontein show as well. So he has quite a few little trips planned for us to show us around the area…..

On our return trip we will travel through Grahamstown and spend a night with our friends who have twin daughters. These delightful little 7 month old ladies are our god daughters. From there we will travel to Graaff-Reinet for a couple of days and will investigate places like Nieu Bethesda and the Owl House, the Mountain Zebra Park, the Valley of Desolation and others. We will then travel through to Plettenberg Bay (the place that I love, the place that resonates with my soul) where we will stay for 10 days of absolute bliss….until our return home at the end of the 3 weeks. Will we miss our family, especially those two little guys of ours?? You betcha!! Its going to be so hard. More to the point here is WILL I MISS BLOGLAND ?????? Oh boy!! You double betcha!! I actually have moments of panic when I think about it but then I reassure myself with the fact that there are internet cafes along the way and if I have serious withdrawal symptoms I shall simply have to find one and get my fix!!! So if any blog entries appear over the next 3 weeks you lot will all know why….no snickering at my expense please, it happens to the best of us HEHE!!!

So, it’s not goodbye yet, I still have 2 days to blog so will see you again…rather hectic days they are as there is still so much to get organized here at home before I can go. I have a very sad moping dog following me around, just knowing something is afoot. But she will be extremely well looked after by my boy GITS!!


Have a wonderful Thursday everyone…..this brownie is off to buy a bigger memory card for the camera…..its going to be working overtime…

browniegirl xxx