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Today is World Nutella Day 2010 so I baked up a storm last night and then beat up a storm this morning with the frosting. Since then I have been farming these little devils out to whoever will take them otherwise my diet will go south for sure…..they are absolutely sinfully decadently divine. A sort of cupcake version of a sticky toffee pud without a velvety smooth delicious topping instead of the sauce. When you bite into it you get a mouthful of the most delicious surprise –  a soft centre bursting with sensational hazelnutty chocolate  spread………YUM!!!! Nutella has always been a favourite of mine and a jar of it is not safe in this house. Especially if, like me, you like orange with your chocolate and you grate the zest of an orange into the jar……..Ooooooooooooooooooh!!!


So here is my entry into this years World Nutella Day. Do go visit the fabulous blogs Ms.Adventures in Italy and Bleeding Espresso to get an overload of Nutella love today…………



(Adapted from CAKES to celebrate love and life by Callie Maritz & Mari-Louis Guy)


210g Self Raising Flour

135g Treacle Sugar (Muscovado)

125ml Milk

1 Jumbo Egg

Few Drops Pure Vanilla Extract

45g Butter at room temperature

Pinch of Salt

125g Dates – finely chopped

125ml Boiling Water

2.5ml Bicarbonate of Soda

1/2 Jar Nutella Spread with the zest of an orange (finely grated) mixed in



Preheat oven to 180deg Celcius

Line a large muffin pan with large muffin cups

Place the dates in a bowl and sprinkle on the bicarb of soda then add the boiling water. Allow to stand while

 you make the batter

Using an electric mixer beat the butter till light and fluffy, add the egg and beat in.

Add the milk and vanilla and beat all together till well beaten

Sift in the flour & salt and add the brown sugar and beat in gently

Drain the dates then add them to the batter and fold in gently

Place small amounts of batter into each paper case

Place a large dollop of Nutella onto the batter in each case

Cover well with another amount of batter (each case must be about 2/3 full)

Place into preheated oven and bake about 20 minutes

Allow to cool on wire racks then decorate when cold




2 Jumbo Egg Whites – at room temperature

130g Treacle Sugar (Muscovado)

120g Butter – softened

1 Vanilla Bean – split and the seeds scraped out


Whisk egg whites and sugar together over a bowl of simmering water until sugar has dissolved

and the mixture is hot to the touch

Pour into the bowl of an electric mixer, add the vanilla seeds and beat on high speed for about 5 minutes

until thick and fluffy

Start beating in little bits of butter at a time, incorporating well after each addition until the frosting is beautifully smooth and fluffy


Place in an icing bag and pipe onto the cold cupcakes


Decorate as desired then take a coffee break and enjoy





This has had to be a very quick post guys, I’m sorry. I haven’t even been able to edit it so please excuse any typos. I have been trying to get it done all afternoon but the wheels have come off a little bit here. My beautiful boy wont be able to come for his Pinky Friday Fun again as he is on his way to see a specialist at Constantiaberg with ?? Meningitis. My nerves. So I am sitting at home here with little monster Jay who is all over the place. I’d rather be with Ty and know what is going on but someone has to keep the home fires buring….and at least this little guy is keeping me occupied. He is just too gorgeous.

Please say a prayer for Tyler that it wont be meningitis but rather some other simple virus that is going round…..

Thanx and have a wonderful weekend

browniegirl xxx


UPDATE: Tyler is home.  Turns out not to be meningitis but a severe viral infection of the upper respiratory tract. The symptoms are the same as for meningitis. Once Jay fell asleep things quietened down and the little angel slept all night until 6am when he woke up all bright eyed and bushy tailed looking for his brother hehe. Thanx so much everyone for all the good wishes and support. Much appreciated.


  1. Dear Brownie, I hope and pray that everything will be ok with Tyler? Please keep us updated?

    The cupcakes are gorgeous!! I never knew that there was a world nutella day!

  2. Holding positive thoughts for Ty :) Try not too worry and let us know as soon as you do what it is xxx

  3. Keeping Ty in my thoughts and prayers that it’s nothing serious. Please keep us posted.

    Cupcakes look scrumptious! I wonder what Nutella and finely chopped chilli would be like?

  4. Sista, I hope that that cutie pie sleeps through. hugs. I will hear from you in the morning.

  5. i admire your ability to concentrate on typing a recipe with so much to worry about…i’m thinking of you – the cupcakes are amazing wow!!

  6. Evil woman

  7. Oh wow!!!! Look divine!!! Hope Tyler feels better soon!! xxxx

  8. Just send a couple of those cup cakes over, will you please. xxx

  9. Right so here I am checking in as promised. HUH am I ever so sorry I never grabbed one of these when I had the opportunity…… Dam! They look awesome.
    Do you take fans and not actual food bloggers at this conference;) ?
    Great admiration for you baking these while you are watching your weight. I could not do that. xx

  10. Any feedback on Ty, dear Brownie?

  11. I’m so glad Ty is on the mend. What a fright I got.. I can imagine all of you. HUGS doll.. the choccies cookies look great :) HUGS xxx

  12. they sound great – except for the dates

    glad our young man is getting better

  13. I knew an Ella once who was a complete nut, but I haven’t come across Nutella at all – what have I missed?

    So glad Tyler is (relatively!) okay. What a fright!

  14. I am soooo glad and relieved, dear Brownie…sleep well!

  15. Im so happy to hear that Tyler is much better dear one… its terrible when they are sick .
    as for the recipe .. WOW !!! thank you … I am going to try and make this during the week, when I do , I will let you know…
    *huge hugs* have a super evening

  16. How’s Ty tonight? Hope he’s recovering from the infection in leaps and bounds.
    HUGS xxx and loads of love

  17. This post should be read only with a full tummy!

    Glad Tyler is back

  18. Oh dear! I’m on a two week, no sugar no refined carbs diet to try and balance my blood sugar levels.
    This recipe really appeals to me!!
    Have a week and a half to go…
    Glad that Tyler is home.

  19. Oh my gosh…. how decadant!!
    Glad Tyler is home- hope he gets better soon! xxx

  20. OMW this looks amazing – hope Tyler gets better soon. ps – hope you have a good meeting today ;)

  21. Dear Blogfriends!!!

    Our Batty needs our prayers & thoughts, Baby Lizard has been admitted to Hospital & the Dr’s has decided to do a C section this afternoon!!!!



  22. hows our boy doing?

  23. I love the new avatar dear one…. you look stunning !! How is little Tyler doing ?
    *hugs* have a super evening

  24. How is Tyler, Brownie?

  25. Hi BG. Gosh I am so glad to hear Tyler is OK. Shame, you got a big scare…

    Even to me, who does not have a sweet tooth, this looks divine!

  26. Thanx Nef, I just put an update on him on my blog. These cuppicakes were delish xxx

  27. Hey hutton :o)

  28. Still not well. An update on my blog, thanx so much Polks xx

  29. Thank you Santana :o) blog updated re Ty Hugs xxx

  30. Not so great, I just did an update. Thanx sidey xxx

  31. Thanx so much. Hope the little baby girl is doing well and Baby Liz as well xxx

  32. The meeting was good….I think. Thanx so much Kerry xxx

  33. They were rather. Thanx Sharon xx

  34. All the best for that week and a half Rose…you can have a glass and a half when its up??? Or NOT……hehe. I never ate them, just baked and had a wee taste tester. Thanx so much xxx

  35. Hehe…thats true. Thanx Kasper xx

  36. Hi Dinx, not doing so grand friend, I just did an update to my new post seeing as so many asked about him. Hugs and love to you xx

  37. Hehe….NOOIT!! Thanx so much GH xxx

  38. Look forward to hearing all about it Santana. Hugs to you too and thanx xxx

  39. Hehe, do you know that I dont think anyone noticed my new personal avatar??? If they did they never said… xxx

  40. Thanx Polks xxx

  41. Ooooh you’re missing a lot Col hehe..thanx so much xx

  42. Thanx Dinx my friend. Much appreciated xxx

  43. You’re so faithful in checking in. Thankyou Polkie, I really appreciate it xxx

  44. Oooh you lost out. Sowweeeee :o) I am sure that we would be able to save a seat for a fan or two….hehe. Thanx so much friend. Love you xxx

  45. Did you get them?? I sent them days ago :o) Nice to see you Rooikat. xxx

  46. Thanx MT&T….updated on Ty xxx

  47. It was just in your mind iky hehe..thanx xxx

  48. With evil on my mind hehe…..hello LOM :o) xxx

  49. Thanx so much douglas, appreciated xxx

  50. Thanx Cin, I now have an image of you looking all drooly :o) I often visit White on Rice Couple. Its such a beautiful blog xxx

  51. Thanx Zabs, xxx

  52. Love you xxx

  53. Oh my word, now you have me drooling..I am going to have to try that one out….thanx so much Halfy, I just put an update on my new post about Ty. Hugs xxx

  54. Thanx Lyndatjie, updated on my new post xxx

  55. Thanx so much T. Much appreciated xxx

  56. Thanx lovely Polks. Yes there is a World Nutella Day every year. In Feb xxx

  57. That looks totally decadent – but you can still convince yourself it’s healthy with the addition of the dates. or maybe that’s just my personal self-delusion ;-) Glad to hear Tyler does not have meningitis…

  58. Of course you can…and the dark brown unrefined sugar…yes I like that…..not delusional at all hehe….now all I have to do is be like Ilva and use chickpea or quinoa flour and bobs your auntie or some such thing hehe…thanx for the visit Jeanne. Good to see you xxx

  59. Oh ja, you did notice that the old cow was gone didnt you douglas? HAHA…replaced by an older cow perhaps?? :o) xx

  60. Teehee….you are a bad boy! I am going to have to change this one now to a cuter one…hmmmmmmmmm *pondering*

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