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The Big Four! Happy Birthday Jay

February 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

From this………………

to this………………………………..

in four short years. I remember like yesterday sitting in the passage outside theatre waiting for that cry… involved as I was with Tyler’s birth, mine being the very first hands to touch him as he was born…….so I was unable to be there for this little fella’s birth….but I was as close as they would allow me. Sweet daughter had been on bedrest the last 6 weeks of her pregnancy, walking painstakingly with a zimmer frame from the bed (my bed actually hahaha and brownieboy and I were relegated to the sleeper couch in the spare room because she needed to be nursed and there was no other way, son in law was the chef out at Vergelegen in those days,  so it was return to Mommy’s house) to the bathroom. She had developed a condition where the body produced too much of the hormone that loosens the cartilage between the bones of the pelvis in preparation for birthing so was in agony and unable to walk. Caesarian section it had to be………..

Our little dude Jayden was born with congenital cataracts in both eyes and a condition called Nystagmus. He has undergone 4 surgical procedures and has plastic intraocular lenses in situ now…exactly the same surgery they perform on the elderly who develop cataracts. Unfortunately Jay’s condition is exacerbated by the nystagmus, he has all three types where the eyes track from side to side, up and down and roll around. He controls it fairly well already at his age but it does cause issues with focus. He saw his specialist last week for a check up and they have prescribed the best glasses they can for him at this stage to assist with his pre-school work. Unfortunately his parents were told that there is  nothing more they can do for him. But his nan will never give up hoping and praying that medical science will find a way……he is a brave little boy with a MASSIVE personality and determination to succeed at everything.

I am nothing short of heart broken because I have had to miss his birthday party this year…..facial and oral reconstructive surgery does not lend itself to socializing……and tonight they are all out celebrating in the Zone at the local kidspot The Spur and here I sit……so this is the birthday that Nannie missed…. :(

Well done to his mommy who did an awesome first time cake for him….see? I told you that you could do it.

And to our little dude…..HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAY. You are SO precious and loved and we pray that your amazing life will be blessed so richly in the days ahead.

As an aside……a couple of days ago I complimented Jay on stopping his night time bottle and nappy and said he is now a big boy. He corrected me and told me he is “Amanda’s Gentleman”

Here is Amanda and her “gentleman” on Valentine’s Day 2012 (she is his lovely babysitter when I am not!)

Have a great week!

browniegirl xx