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Bubble bubble

July 31, 2009 in Uncategorized

Hi Guys,
I have been cooking up a storm…. take a look at this pot filled with my Coq au Vin Cassoulet – my own recipe (previously posted).
I was making it here for 20 people – and a bit left over for the hub of course!

It really is a HIT whenever i make it. Warm and spicy and great for winter. Serve with garlic toasted ciabatta and a bowl of green mange tout with lemon juice and maldon salt. Mmmmmmmmmmmm

pasta craze

July 20, 2009 in Uncategorized

Hi all,
Wow, i ams o excited for the NEW LOOK Food24!!!! How cool are we going to be? SUPER cool.
Just a coupla pastas i have cooked lately – nothing way too exciting, just lovin’ it….

Chicken, tomato, chilli, garlic, onion, touch of cream, wholewheat pasta

Veeeery simple, olive paste and tomato pasta with lots of lovely parmesan. Also the wholewheat spag from Woolies – love it!

We loooove pasta. I also find that its an easy thing to do when you are at a bit of a loss. Just look in the cupboard and fridge and just fish out what you’ve got and ready, steady cook it! FUN!

Rare sirloin

July 13, 2009 in Uncategorized

Hi bloggers

How about some meat?
I cooked a lovely piece of aged sirloin – you know, i find that sometimes we try too hard to add sauces and complicate things. This was just seared rare to medium rare, rested and then eaten with salt and pepper. DELICIOUS. Simple.
We had some roasted veggies and mash as well, but it was soooo good on its own…

The hub looooved it!!

Hellooooo there

July 9, 2009 in Uncategorized

Hi all,
I have been a bady blogger of late and just wanted to say hello!!
The SOSSY turned ONE on Saturday so there was a whole weekend of parties and my sister and mum came down from Joeys to be here!
I have lots of video but no pics of the actual party… sorry :( but here is a little pic of him last week – neeeearly one :)

LOts of love!!!


July 1, 2009 in Uncategorized

Hi guys,
I made another stir-fry WITHOUT yucky bad quality soya sauce and it was delicious. I am back to the KIkkoman and thats just IT!
I have a new and wonderful secret – CASHEW NUT BUTTER
It adds a really lovely flavour and gave it a new dimension, a deeper taste – hmm.
This was just a simple chicken and veggie one with bean sprouts – i add them at the end so they are super crunchy. I served it with brown and lentil rice – health kick!
Cook on :)