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Plum lollies… and some chickens

January 31, 2012 in Healthy eating, Kids food

Hi everyone,

Deep purple plums whizzed up with a touch of pressed apple juice and frozen in minutes in the magical ZOKU – an awesome instant lolly maker… ohhhh yea!  (More on that to come :-)) Just look at that colour…

It is one of the healthiest snacks your kiddy could have and my boys just love them – they have been a complete hit! I’m going to try all sorts of flavours and have a large watermelon just begging to be blitzed into gorgeous lollies.

I’m thinking pineapple and pear, watermelon and ginger, banana and honey, peach and apple, ooooooo the flavours are endless.

I’m sure you’re wondering who this beautiful lady is? Her name is Sam (named after soss’ new teacher by him) and is 1 of our 2 new laying hens! How urban farmery cool? We’ve had about 1 egg a day between the 2 of them and they are the most beautiful large yellow yolks I’ve ever seen! Ok maybe I’m a bit biased but they are really amazing and I am feeling decidedly down to earth and wafty at the moment with my natural plum lollies and my chickens. ;-P

I had to include my little rabbit too – how cute is that hair? Ok maybe I’m the only person who thinks so but I can’t bring myself to cut it – he looks so mad-scientist ne?

Love life people,

Caro xx