Fresh {Frozen} Friday Fruit!

February 8, 2013 in {Sweet Save}

It looks like this weekend is going to be one super sunny weekend! What better way to start it than with fresh fruit on a Friday! Pop some fresh watermelon {I used my cookie cutters to cut it into shapes} and moonball grapes into the freezer, with the watermelon on ice lolly sticks, and you’ll buy yourself some time with canapés or sundowner snacks! It’s quick and so easy! You can either serve the grapes as is, or use it as ice to cool your drinks/cocktails. To read this in Afrikaans click here.

Freeze and have fun!

3 responses to Fresh {Frozen} Friday Fruit!

  1. very clever…… I am also doing fruit tonight, just a little boozier!! Figs and cheese!!

  2. so lovely en beautiful!!!

  3. Hi Hestelle, I agree with Nina it is a very clever way to make “fruit Ice lollies”! Love the frozen moonball grapes. Watermelon reminds me of Christmas and hot summer afternoons, thanks for sharing :)

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