Going {Gatsby}

March 1, 2013 in {Cupcake Cute}

I love detail, I love pearls,

I love pink, black and a dress that ‘dances’ and twirls.

Oh, and did I mention, I love cupcakes, theatre and feathers too?

No wonder I spent countless hours (without even realising it) decorating these lovely ‘ladies’. I wanted to ‘dress’ these cupcakes like ladies from the Great Gatsby, to fit in with a kitchentea theme. I had to take a picture of each cupcake because I tried to make every single one with a unique cupcake {Gatsby} topper and step-by-step {DIY} cupcake wrapper. I must say, it was great fun, I even had Charleston music playing in the background!

I challenge you, play around with cookie cutters, edible pearls, decorative materials and you would be suprised how you can turn an ordinary cupcake into something suited for any themed party or event!



5 responses to Going {Gatsby}

  1. Hi Hestelle.

    Your cupcakes are beautiful, and they look yummy too. You got the theme down – they are dressed to the nines.

  2. Beautiful Hestelle. I can see how much fun you had making them ;) x

  3. Jy is ‘n genie mevroutjie!! Wow!!

  4. Wow! julle motiveer mens tot groter dinge! voel lus om te eksperimenteer – kreatief te wees! dankie!!!

  5. These cupcakes are gorgeous!! I would feel to sorry to eat them!

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