Coconut Chocolate Ice Cream on RSG with Nina Timm

September 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

The lovely and uber talented Nina Timm from My Easy Cooking blog asked if I would like my blog to appear on the radio station, RSG 100-104fm, during the show where she chats about food bloggers and their blogs – of course I said, “YES PLEASE”!!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of making my chocolate ice cream, which I originally blogged about here, in Nina’s kitchen. Nina is an unbelievable lady – she is the most kindhearted person and is extremely generous with her time and the “secrets” that she has gained through cooking, blogging and photography. I could listen to her recount stories, all day. It was an absolute joy and a privilege to spend the morning with her. Thank you Nina!

What makes this ice cream so special is that it is dairy and egg free, but still rich and creamy, and extremely simple to make. It also serves as a base for wonderful flavour combinations such as chocolate and orange, chocolate and mint or chocolate and nuts.

As Nina and I also discovered these same ingredients would make a wonderful chocolate sauce or chocolate pudding – your imagination is the limit!

Coconut Chocolate Ice Cream

(Makes about half a litre)



2 Cups Full Fat Coconut Milk

1 Slab Albany Smooth Dark Chocolate

1 – 2 tsp Vanilla Extract or 1 Vanilla Pod with seeds removed and used

1/2 Cup Sugar/ Fructose/ Xylitol (sugar alternatives)

2 tsp Good Quality Cocoa such as NoMU

Optional Extras: Pecan Nuts/ Walnuts/ Fresh Mint/ Orange Extract or Rind

As a chocolate alternative try using the Woolworths Organic Dark Chocolate and Orange



  • Combine all ingredients in a pot on the stove
  • Slowly heat, while stirring, until the chocolate has melted
  • Bring mixture to a gentle boil for about 20 minutes
  • Add any extras at this point and stir to combine
  • Transfer to a freezer container
  • Freeze for a minimum of 2 hours

9 responses to Coconut Chocolate Ice Cream on RSG with Nina Timm

  1. That looks wonderful, love the little chocolate potjie.

  2. This looks great, I’ll definitely be trying it!

  3. Congrats on the radio spot!!! I hope you are still doing well in Cpt!! (been a bit absent on the blogs…)Love the recipe! Easy and no need for an icecream machine – awesome! :)

  4. Congrats on being chosen, i will surely try this recipe–as it is ideal for me without the eggs

  5. Oooh good to know :)

  6. Thanks Shaz – yes, things are going well in Cape Town, but I’m still finding my feet. I hope to have a set routine soon soon. How are you and your little family doing? How’s the little one? xx

  7. Doing very well thanks! Did an update last week – go check! hehe :)
    Dont worry about routines etc.. as long as you are having fun and enjoying what you do!! Have a fab weekend!! xx

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