Gourmet Sisters

September 6, 2013 in Zoo Talk

06 September 2013 Last evening Ilse Fourie and Sue-Ann Allen launched their first recipe book. *Applause + respect!* The book is entitled “Gourmet Sisters”. Between the two covers the book offers a culinary reflection of their individual personas – and their interpretation of food. I had the privilege of meeting them both last year on Masterchef SA 2012. It was a brief interlude that time as I was given my marching orders or as we say more colloquially, my “trekpas” after I reached the Top 35. However, these two ladies went on to break into the Top Ten of the inaugural series of MCSA… and then go on to conquer the food world. Ilse made the final seven whilst Sue-Ann made it to the Top 2. What an incredible achievement!

I only got to know them really well after the filming of the first series of Masterchef, but since that time, we have become good friends. I am so proud of these two bubbly culinary stars!

I was fortunate enough to catch up with Sue-Ann recently, we had some time to relive some old-time ordeals – and laughs from the Masterchef kitchen, and chat… This is what she had to say… to read more click here

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