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Turkish delight chewy cookie recipe

January 23, 2013 in dessert, recipe

A classic chewy cookie recipe with rose water and Turkish delight chunks. 

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Turkish delight cookies recipe | Milk and Cookies -4

Nothing is better for me than combining cookies and travel.  It doesn’t happen often but I am thinking now it should happen more, why, why did I not realize this earlier?

Usually, there really is no need for me to be inspired to eat sugar and butter together, I’m just happy to have any chocolate in any wrapped up cookie shape.  These chewy soft aromatic cookies did, however, come from the happy feeling of planning to travel.  M & C is Turkey bound for work (holy shit I am getting paid to write!) but mostly for exploration.

In a joyous coincidence it was recently Gary’s  88-year-old grandfather’s birthday and his favourite treat is Turkish Delight.  So these are in double honour for Peter and Turkey.  The Peter Turkey cookies ladies and gents…

The best part of these are the rose water, that reminds me of my grandmother.   That’s why roses are romantic and nostalgic and remind you of old people.

Recipe: Turkish delight chewy cookies

Cooking time: preparation – 20 minutes oven – 12-15 minutes

Serves: 16 – 20 big cookies

For the full recipe click here! 

Turkish delight cookies recipe | Milk and Cookies -2

Turkish delight cookies recipe | Milk and Cookies -3

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  1. Yum! Combining two of my faves: crisp cookies with Turkish delight – deevaaine chewy crispness. Thank you lovely job. xx

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