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It’s great to see Pinkpolkadot sending out her brain teasers again – this is my first
attempt for this year – it’s been a long time. This has been a bit of a busy
weekend and I am just trying to finish off the quiz quickly – not sure how
accurate my answers are. Pink’s quizzes are always challenging and interesting.

Friday Food Quiz number 70

Where is the dish Vindaye a traditional dish?  – I know this one – Mauritius

What are the main ingredients of a classic French Sabayon?  Eggs yolks and sugar – similar to a zabaglione
– which I love.

What is Ochazuke and from which country? It’s not another name for okra – it is
hot green tea poured over cooked rice and it is a Japanese dish.

What type of dish is Pasha and when is it normally eaten? I will be guessing –
it’s a Turkish dessert.

What is a “silk squash” better known as? Chinese okra or Tori in Hindi

What is Crostatas? Italian baked sweet tart

What is Sunflower greens? It’s the first growth of the sunflower plant ( my
favorite flower).

What differentiates a “Pot pie” from another pie? Baked in ramekins.

What are the main ingredients of the spice “bzar” (or bezar)? Its an Arabic
spice made of cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and nutmeg.

What plant does tapioca come from?
 Cassava tree


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  1. Well done!

  2. Excellent, Mitzi!!! Thanks for taking part!!

  3. well done!

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