Easy and Convenient Cocktails with Sedgwick’s

August 29, 2014 in Beverage News

Sedgwick's Old Brown & Ginger Ale mix LR

Last year, at the Food and Wine show, I bumped into a friend of mine, Olivia.  She was like “Hey! Go and taste some cocktails at the Sedgwick’s stand!” while waving a pack with a 750ml bottle and two branded shot enamel mugs.  Indeed, I went on to taste a Sedgwick’s and Lemonade cocktail, see featured image.  I loved it!  Ever since then, I make it up every time there’s a get together with a crowd of people.  The cocktail is always a winner!

Recently, I got introduced to a mixture of Sedgwick’s Original Old Brown with Ginger Ale….Continue Reading…..


Giveaway: Hayden Quinn’s New Cookbook, Dish It Up

August 25, 2014 in Cookbook Review, Cooking Shows, Explore Mzansi



In July we eagerly watched the lively Hayden Quinn grace our screens as he explored Cape Town cooking on top of Table Mountain, tasting as well as participating in the preparation of one of South Africa’s favourite dishes – a bobotie.  From the onset, the show promised to be captivating, be full of adventure and it inspired viewers at home to experiment more with food, get out more and experience life.


I think you would agree that so far the cooking show has not disappointed.  On the episodes we’ve seen so far Hayden Quinn has cooked and immersed himself in the life around Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Paternoster, Franschhoek, Hermanus and Knysna.  Between these destinations he explored South African cuisine from various cultures and we have watched him prepare and try out mosbolletjies, potbrood, duck breast, oysters etc.  Hayden’s interactions with the locals also give an interesting twist to the show while tantalizing our taste buds.



As with most cooking shows, a delectable illustration and collection of recipes, a documentation of places and experiences become the outcome.  That is the case with Hayden Quinn as he introduces a collection of all the recipes from the show through a cookbook called, Dish It Up.  The recipes are beach-living-inspired and are not only easy but also provide helpful hints on the dishes and ingredients.  Dish It Up is perfect for cooks who aspire to fresh, healthy, mouth-watering food that’s easy to prepare and share.  They are perfect for an outside braai while spending time with friends and family.  Continue reading and ENTER THE GIVEAWAY HERE 

Taste the Passion with Nederburg and Robertsons Herbs & Spices at Soweto Wine Festival

August 23, 2014 in Beverage News, Food and Beverage


Flee, a die-hard reader of this blog keeps saying all the interesting foodie events happen in Cape Town.  Well, here’s an interesting food and wine experience for Joburgers to delight in….

Nederburg is teaming up with Robertsons Herbs & Spices to share its passion for wine and food pairing at the Taste Theatre at the Tops at SPAR Soweto Wine & Lifestyle Festival from 4th to 6th September 2014.


Featuring Samuel Viljoen and Wellington Metshane of Nederburg, as well as seasoned celebrity chef Citrum Khumalo, the concept offers visitors an entertaining, informal and interactive taste-and discover encounter with wine and food flavours, textures and palate weight.  Continue Reading…..


Reader Recipe: Lamb Liver & Mushroom Sosaties

August 22, 2014 in Mzansi Home Cooks, Recipes

Lamb Liver Kebab


Mlandeli, an avid follower of the blog based in the Eastern Cape sent us his recipe for Lamb and Mushroom Kebab.   He says he likes to prepare it for breakfast when he is in a good mood.   Hope you get to try it out. Enjoy!  Get the recipe here…..


New Product Alert: Krone Night Nectar 2011

August 21, 2014 in Beverage News

Krone Night Nectar - Copy


Synonymous with the production of benchmark Méthode Cap Classiques, Krone has launched the Krone Night Nectar 2011 Demi-sec Cap Classique…..I had the pleasure of trying it out and thought it is something you might be interested in knowing about and subsequently enjoy…

Located at Twee JongeGezellen Estate (TJ) in the picturesque town of Tulbagh, Krone has a long tradition of the fine art of blending the classic Champaigne varieties, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.  Having perfected this skill, Krone is now launching the slightly sweeter Krone Night Nectar.

Stephen De Beer pouring the Krone Night Nectar Demi-Sec Cap Classique for John Ford

Stephen De Beer pouring the Krone Night Nectar Demi-Sec Cap Classique for John Ford

The Krone Night Nectar is a sophisticated Cap Classique which is charmingly drinkable, fruity and generous with a satisfying touch of sweetness.  This bottle-fermented and lees-matured sparkling wine, blend of the traditional Champagne varieties, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, is named in honour of the once practised Krone tradition of night harvesting.  It has a creamy, fine mousse and shows expressive aromas of baked golden apples and almonds.  Continue reading…..

#Throwback: Iconic Food Brands

August 21, 2014 in Food and Beverage



We live in an age of #Throwbacks and therefore I thought I would put my own spin to it and do throwbacks of the food items we grew up on.  We never realize the importance of brands and for me it has taken working in food manufacturing to appreciate and respect products that have been there for a long time.  Companies launch new products every year and as a product developer it really sucks to work on a product and you think it is great then it is discontinued after few year.  I’ve had episode where I blamed marketing for not creating awareness on a product I have worked on which was being discontinued.   It takes a special kind of product have a long lifespan and be loved by consumers from generation to generation.  From my observations and experience I would like to think that consumers i.e. our families play a crucial role in passing down brands from one generation to another.  It’s like passing down recipes.  For an example, there are certain products that my mom used while I was growing up and I learnt to cook using those products and to this day I still use them.  This post is coming from a place of appreciation and respect for those products and brands….


When talking of Iconic food brands in South Africa it would be a complete crime not to mention Aromat.  A crime that deserves a jail sentence with no parole.  Tjoe!  Aromat has been there as far as I can remember.  MSG or no MSG we just love the product. It is one of those items you’ll find on the trolleys when people are buying groceries month end.  You only see how important it is when you fry and egg and realise you’ve run out.  The taste is not the same.  Continue Reading…….

Chocolate Lady: Nontwenhle “Nonts” Mchunu of Ezulwini Chocolat

August 19, 2014 in Products


One of my objectives for this blog is to showcase young people who are doing amazing things in our country and also let their stories encourage others.   I meet a lot of young people who have given up on life and I would like for them to get inspiration from other young people who come from similar backgrounds…..


I’ve been following a remarkable young lady who is doing amazing things for herself and the community, her name is Nontwenhle Mchunu otherwise known as Nonts. 

Nontwenhle, a chocolate entrepreneur and owner of the brand Ezulwini Chocolat hails from Nkandla in KwaZulu Natal.  I first visited her in 2012 while her business was operating in Epping, at the time, they had 3 staff members.

I was impressed with what she was doing and for someone so young to have the guts to start her own food business.  In 2003, Nontwenhle started Ezulwini Chocolat, however, she realized that she needed to expand her business knowledge as well as technicalities involved in being a chocolateur.  Therefore, she applied and was successfully awarded a bursary to study at the Raymond Ackerman Academy of Entrepreneurial Development which then sponsored her training in chocolate confectionery in the United Kingdom and Switzerland.  Continue reading….


Vinimark and Wine Worx Cape Town Trade and Media Wine Fair 2014

August 18, 2014 in Beverage News, Out & About

27 DT156707Vinimark and WineWorx, who distribute and market more than 50 of our country’s best known wine brands, are currently busy with their annual national road show presenting wine tastings for trade and media in key centres around South Africa.

This year the Wine Fairs are taking place in Durban, Knysna, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Bloemfontein during the month of August.

Letitia Barlow, Koos van der Merwe, Inge Hoffmann and Jean Smit at the Boekenhoutskloof wine stand

Letitia Barlow, Koos van der Merwe, Inge Hoffmann and Jean Smit at the Boekenhoutskloof wine stand

On Monday11th August the Cape Town Wine Fair was hosted at the African Pride Crystal Towers Hotel in Century City.  Continue Reading….

New Look for Safari Dried Fruit

August 15, 2014 in Packaging News



Safari has been a trusted dried fruit brand for 68 years providing us with prepared fruit and nut snacks…..

People, times and perceptions change… brands evolve evolve to keep up with the times and that is the case with Safari Dried Fruits as they are introducing a contemporary new look.  Dried fruits as well as nuts are a great way to snack and they are naturally low in cholesterol, sodium, and a good source of fibre, iron, potassium and anti-oxidants.


Busy lifestyles make it difficult to incorporate five fruit & vegetable servings daily, but the various fruit and nut snack pack ranges make it easier.  They are ideal for busy minds and bodies as they provide sustained energy in portion controlled sized packets, perfect for lunch boxes or office drawers. Continue Reading….


Beef Mogodu with Mango Atchar

August 13, 2014 in Recipes


The making of this recipe happened to be one of those moments whereby I had tripe that I wanted to get rid of in my fridge but I wanted to cook it then give it away.  Here’s the thing, I can’t bring myself to throw away anything that is still edible.  I always remember my uncles words saying “yinkcitho yantoni le?” (what a waste?”) when we threw stuff away when we were kids.   Throwing away food makes me feel ungrateful, does that sound crazy or is it familiar?

Anyways, I cooked it and it turned out really good.  I wasn’t planning on having any but I ended dishing up just a little bit for myself.  Then I thought it should go to the blog, hence this impromptu post.   Tripe stew with Mango Atchar sounds divine right?  Well, it is.  Throw in a glass of red wine in that mix.  It goes well with today’s weather in Cape Town.   Hope you get to try out the recipe and let me know what you think.  Get the recipe here…….

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