#Throwback: Iconic Food Brands IV

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After doing three throwbacks it’s starting to get a little challenging to think of products and brands. ….but hey I like the challenge….So here is this week’s throwbacks.

Toffoluxe, Tjoe!  This brand come a loooong way!  In the 80′s and 90′s Toffoluxe sweets were the most delicious thing ever.  In true Mzansi style, Toffoluxe has been used as a term of endearment with folks calling their partners “my toffoluxe”.  The product has been repackaged and still available at retail stores.  If you’ve never tried them, you better!  Continue reading here….

Heritage Celebrations 2014: Food

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It’s interesting to see what people prepared (or bought) yesterday in celebration of Heritage Day.  Potjiekos, boerewors, umfino /morogo, vetkoek, salads, madumbe, inyama yentloko (sheep’s head), bunny chow, rosterkoek etc.  Folks were keeping it proudly South African!  Check out some of the pictures with captions here…..


Celebrating Heritage Day 2014

September 24, 2014 in Explore Mzansi



Some say it should be heritage day everyday and I completely agree with them.  As South Africans we should be embracing our cultures, languages, music, food, land etc every day.  However, it is great that there’s one day set aside to remind all of us to acknowledge everything that makes us unique as the people of this country.  We are a colourful rainbow nation with diverse cultures and this day is about celebrating all of that.


Ever seen a peacock with its wings open?  That’s how we look like on heritage day, beautiful with all our differences.  With that said, the day is also about acknowledging our differences and embracing them.  We should also not forget to be patient and tolerant of one another.  As different as we are we all have to co exist in this beautiful country.  Let’s continue to make South Africa a beautiful place.

I took some time to check out pictures posted on Instagram and they are absolutely darling!  Have a look at them here……


Nederburg’s Premier, Food -Friendly Five-Pack of Reds For Run of MasterChef South Africa

September 23, 2014 in Beverage News, Cooking Shows

Nederburg five-pack of reds 1 (HR)If you are looking to buy wines to go with your proudly South African dishes on heritage day, look no further….

Nederburg has combined its Winemaster’s Reserve 750ml reds into a single pack that comes with a complimentary pair of Le Creuset ramekins and recipe, to coincide with the run of MasterChef South Africa, season 3.

The pack features the food-friendly Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Pinotage, Merlot and Edelrood (a Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot blend) the Winemaster’s Reserve red collection “fit for a MasterChef” retails from leading outlets countrywide for about R300.

Nederburg is the official wine sponsor of the cooking competition that has been airing since August 21.  The show is aired weekly on M-Net at 19:30 until December 18.  Continue reading….

Kota (Township Burger) with

September 22, 2014 in Recipes



I wrote a post on Kotas a while ago and folks have been asking for a recipe……..

I’ve been wanting to make up a Kota recipe but needed some encouragement.  So, my sister visited and she was keen.  It is much fun when two eager beavers are preparing them…Continue reading and get the recipe here….

We omitted the potato chips but the kotas were quiet filing.  Talking about potato chips,  some say kotas are fattening but still choose to have them with chips.

Sedgewick’s Fish Braai for Summer Sizzle

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Sedgewick’s Original Old Brown hosted a luncheon at The Tap Room in Salt River (Cape Town) last Thursday to showcase the versatility of the product and uses in various dishes.

Sedgwick’s Original Old Brown was used to prepare three mouth-watering dishes that were a part of a three course meal.  Each dish showcased the versatility and flavour impact of the product.  Personally, I never considered using Sedgwick’s Original Old Brown in my cooking but judging from the dishes I tasted a splash or dash of the products adds a unique flavour to dishes.  Continue reading and get the recipe here….


Thuli on Championship Boerewors and Traditional Food

September 19, 2014 in Uncategorized


I did an interview talking about my take on traditional food and ways to enjoy Championship Boerewors…..

Check out the interview and also find out how you could win yourself braai prizes worth R500 courtesy of Championship Boerewors.  The interview reminded me of why I started the blog.  Since I studied food,  my friends automatically assumed I was a walking encyclopedia for every recipe on the planet.  They would ask for Mageu, Pap, Mifino….Continue reading……

Wine Alert: Durbanville Hills Merlot Rosé

September 19, 2014 in Food and Beverage

Durbanville Hills Range - Merlot Rose NV (HR)At times some of the readers ask me to recommend wines for aspiring wine drinkers…..

I got to try out the newly released vintage Durbanville Hills Merlot Rosé and really enjoyed it.  It is easy to drink, delightfully crisp and refreshing.  The aromas are a combination of ripe strawberries, red cherries and Turkish delight.  These combine beautifully with wintery dishes such as baked ham with a berry glaze, chunky fish soups and stews, dim sum and hot Thai noodle dishes with soy sauce and ginger.  Continue reading…..

Fuss-Free Cooking with Wonderbag

September 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

Urban Navy & Red Inner


As it is heritage month, why not celebrate a product that is proudly South African?  Local company, Natural Balance, have been making waves internationally with the revolutionary Wonderbag, which is made in South Africa by South Africans for South African kitchens.

My foodie friends Colleen and Marieka, have been raving about cooking with Wonderbag.  I’ve known about it but never felt compelled to make a purchase and try it out.  But after hearing their reviews an interest was ignited.

The Wonderbag is a revolutionary, non-electric, heat retention cooker that allows food that has been brought to the boil by conventional methods, to continue to cook for up to 12 hours, without using any additional energy source.  Wonderbag was founded in South Africa six years ago by local entrepreneur and social activist, Sarah Collins, and the product was born out of a practical desire to continue cooking during a bout of Eskom load shedding.  Continue reading…..

African Batik Green hires

Braised Spinach and Leek with Pork Spek

September 10, 2014 in Recipes



Ever heard someone say “uhamba kukubona? (when you go out there you see things you wouldn’t normally see)….

Right now I am referring to seeing what I grew up calling “isipekre sehagu” (pork spek) on a salad at a restaurant….That was a couple of years ago…

I grew up leaving it on a plate.  For me it was hard and rather chewy.  Recently, I came across a 200g packet of pork spek going R6.00 at butchery and my instinct was to buy it and use it in a recipe.

I went with a side dish with spinach and leek dish.  Do you ever cook with pok spek?  Get to try out the recipe and let me know what you think.  Get the recipe here…..

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