Cookbook Review: The Best of Fresh Living

November 9, 2011 in Uncategorized


Oh, I love chocolate products, especially if they have nuts, chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, chocolate pudding…..Oh, my guilty pleasure!!! Lord have mercy on me!


Enough about my confessions of a chocoholic…… Last year I tried a Choc Nut Cake recipe from the Pick ‘n Pay Fresh Living magazine.  The recipe was comprised mostly of the ingredients I usually keep in the cupboard.  I just needed to buy a whole-nut chocolate slab.


I tried out the recipe and it was di-vi-ne. I then saved it in my “tried and blown away” folder. That was the first time I tried out a recipe from the magazine, thereafter I never stopped….Read more…





6 responses to Cookbook Review: The Best of Fresh Living

  1. I love the Fresh Living and I have every single copy!!

  2. Would make an awesome Christmas gift too! I love recipe books ?? – I have a slight obsession with buying them

  3. I agree, It would make a great present Jess (without denting the pocket). Thanks for your comment.

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