Chicken Hearts and Vegetable Pie

February 1, 2012 in Recipes

Can’t believe it’s already February!  It’s red and white everywhere!  Aaaah!  What can we say it’s the month of LOVE! 

 A lot of single people get depressed during this month especially at the sight of all the Valentines gifts at retail stores.  Well, in my book love is not just about romantic love, it can be love between a child and a parent, friends, siblings etc.  So, to all my singlet’s out there…please chin-up and show some love yourself and then those around you.  Invite friends over and I’ve got this perfect dish that won’t break your bank account. 

Ever see chicken hearts at your retail store and never know how to cook them?  I bought a 500g packet for eight odd rands, that’s reasonable.  Now I had the task of making them divine to the point that one would want to buy/cook/eat them again. Continue reading…

3 responses to Chicken Hearts and Vegetable Pie

  1. Hey Tuts, your link is not working. Love the idea, but I am afraid I will be eating this all by myself,,,,,,,no giblets for family!!

  2. Yummy .. and old boyfriend and I used to go to Grey Street in Durban late at night to buy curried giblets. Totally devine have a great day xx jan

  3. Chicken hearts fried to perfection (as you would lamb kidneys), in butter and a light table soya sauce. Yummy!

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