Dithlakwana (Cow Heels) with Butter Beans & Pumpkin Seed Curry Sauce

November 17, 2012 in Recipes


Before I started a food blog I had crazy blog names such as Freakum Dish.  That was the first name I decided to go with. Imagine that….

The story behind the name goes something like this…..I’m a big fan of Beyonce and if you’re also a fan you might the know the song “Freakum Dress”.  I just love the song. A freakum dress is that skimpy little number you pull out when you want to go out, paint the town red, impress someone and be seen.  You also know that it’s got a potential to drive people mad whenever you rock it…

My friends would ask me questions like “Thuli, I have a date what can I cook? I really want to impress” That made me realise that there’s always a point in every person’s life where one needs to prepare that special dish (or dishes) when they need to impress guests, family, friends or that potential somebody.  It can be that dish that nobody can cook like you do. Let me give you an example; in my family, my one sister cooks a mean pot of Umphokoqo (phutu), she makes it fine yet not too fine but with the right level of coarseness.  She cooks it perfectly every time.  That’s her freakum dish.

I was gaga about the blog name “Freakum Dish” but it felt young and of course freaky hehe!  There is nothing wrong with that but I wanted the blog to appeal to the young and mature audience.  So I finally decided on Mzansi Style Cuisine.  However, I still love the name Freakum Dish.  Oh well, I’ll just file it under categories, how about that?

Anyways, when I was looking for main course options for Dinner Divas I decided to go with Cowheels/ Dithlakwana/Amanqina.  Damn! I even bought a brand new pressure cooker just to test and perfect the recipe at home. I cooked it for my family and they were totally impressed and after testing the recipe twice and judging by the way they were licking fingers and looking for seconds I decided that ja this is one of my freakum dishes.  Continue Reading…..


3 responses to Dithlakwana (Cow Heels) with Butter Beans & Pumpkin Seed Curry Sauce

  1. when are u cooking this for me??? :-)

  2. Thulisa, you are a star, darling with many talents! Love this post! xxx

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