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Baked Nectarines with Vanilla Sugar

February 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

Wow, it’s been so hot lately! Just the right season for a refreshing dessert, I thought. I’d made some vanilla sugar last week & wanted to find something to use it on, so thought that it would go well with baked nectarines. And it was delicious – you really need to try this – so easy!

You’ll need to make the vanilla sugar first – this takes a week, so do it now :) – here’s how:

  • Put a cup of sugar into a clean glass jar
  • Split a vanilla pod lengthways & scrape the seeds into the sugar (the seeds look like thick black goo, for those of you doing this for the first time). Add the empty pods, mix well, & cover with more sugar. I used about a cup & half of sugar to 1 vanilla pod.
  • Close the jar with a tight-fitting lid & leave for a week to infuse.

Now, onto the baked nectarines:


  • Nectarines (1 per person)
  • Vanilla sugar
  • Butter
  • Greek yoghurt (Not the low fat, get the good stuff guys! You can run around the block afterwards to work it off :) )


  • Preheat the oven to 200 degrees celcius
  • Cut the nectarines in half & remove the pips
  • Add the nectarine halves to an oven-proof dish, cut side up
  • Add a small knob of butter to each nectarine half, then cover with a teaspoon of vanilla sugar
  • Cover & bake for about half an hour, turning once in between

Serve hot, with some ice cold plain Greek yoghurt – the coolness & slight sourness of the yoghurt combined with the hot sweet vanilla-y nectarine somehow just works. The vanilla flavour is very subtle, but sublime :)

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  1. Hi there, I really enjoy Greek yogurt (always use it!) and with your nectarines is sure looks yummie! Have a good day :)

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