Countdown to Christmas menu – Festive Fruit Lollies

December 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

Count down to Christmas? Happy days my friend, we are 6 days away from Christmas and hopefully in two days, I will be joining my family for our very short holiday. By now my mom’s kitchen will be running almost 24/7 in preparation for our Christmas Feast! Our holiday has barely started and yet we have had so many parties and farewells and year-end functions that my body is already saying: “hands-up!”

I cannot remember when I last I felt hungry sitting down for a meal, I also find it difficult to skip a meal because it is a very tough call to decline some of the delicious food on offer. What is the solution then? I started looking for healthier alternatives, food and desserts that are still delicious to eat, but just a little lighter on the calories. Not so difficult after all. I know this time of the year it is easy to eat salads and grill some fish which are both healthier options, but it is a dessert department that causes the most havoc in my life. Who can resist a creamy, dreamy pavlova or a trifle or your own homemade ice-cream? Sadly though, these desserts all have one goal and that is to find the quickest path to my hips and thighs where they will just pile up and stay!

There is a solution and you will find it on My Easy Cooking!

Fruit Lollies

Festive Fruit Lollies

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  1. These look delicious, Nina. Lovely picture, as always. x

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