Por favor for Mexican Spud Skins

January 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Mexican Spud Skins

Mexican Spud Skins

Deep fried spud skins! Come on people really? Can you think of anything more tempting than that? YES, I can! Spud skins with a Mexican Twist, in other words  smothered in Tomato salsa and topped with loads of sour cream and chillies…..See what I mean? Few things can compare, for sure!
We are on day 26 with no meat and still every meal is new and interesting. I reckon it is because I am such an adventurous cook that we have survived this long, but hubby reckons his strong will power is the key. Nevertheless we are going strong and I must say during the week, we do not miss meat, but on weekends, I must admit, a little skaaptjoppie(lamb chop) on the grill is not easy to resist.

There is however no use in cutting out meat, but not die off some of the other kitchen evils, such as too much deep-frying. Now before you all jump up to ask me if I have never tasted a donut straight from the oil, dusted with sugar, I want to assure you, I have and yes, it is delicious, but too much of a good thing is bad for you and therefore, I have not one, but two Air Fryers in my kitchen and they work overtime. Not because we love fried food, but because it is the fastest way I know to make supper in a hurry.
I woke up with this craving for potatoes and as the day progressed, my cravings  went from mashed potatoes, to potato and butternut cake to rosti, but my final decision was Mexican Spud Skins, served with a spicy Mexican Salsa, some fresh lettuce and some sour cream.
I will explain how to make the spud skins in two ways, the conventional oven method and then the much faster Air Fry method. To me, no difference in taste, but the Air Fryer version has a lot less fat. Continue reading……

Mexican Spud Skins

Be my guest, take one....or two........or three

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  1. I will definitely try these in my fryer, they look delicious.

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