My Easy Chocolate Eclairs

March 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

My Easy Chocolate Eclairs

My easy Chocolate eclairs? What makes this recipes so special that I can claim it for myself? Trial and error and 2 batches of  flop eclairs. In my family if you have learned something the hard way, we call it “paying school fees”, because after all lessons are learned in school and in my case the school of life…. Now, what does life lessons and chocolate eclairs have in common……
well, I have learned that not all recipes on Google are flop proof and for me as a recipe developer and a recipe writer, I’ve yet again realized how crucial it is to test…and test…and test recipes before you publish them.Such an enormous responsibility!

There are so many so-called foodies out there and with food bloggers posting recipes almost everyday, the Internet is updated and loaded with new recipes on a daily basis. Sadly not all of those recipes work. Heck, I have been told one of my recipes does not work and only after much drama and testing did I see when posting the image, it cut off the 1 from 150gr of sugar, thus changing it to 50gr of sugar. These things happen, but  not often, because everything that you see on my blog, I have cooked and my family has eaten, so I know the recipe works.

Which brings me back the chocolate eclairs. The first recipe I  printed off the Internet, had a pretty photograph with it and based on the image, I thought the recipe had to work….WRONG! The result was flat, crumpet-like biscuits which the children would not even eat as it was not sweet enough. The second recipe left me with soft, soggy eclairs and I never even bothered to fill them with cream.

I wanted hollow choux buns, hard on the outside and golden brown in color. Then, I remembered that just like a good old Victoria sponge cake and just like my easy homemade puff pastry, there are certain formulas in baking that never change. If you know them, you are destined for success in the kitchen. I had the knowledge already, all I had to do, was to put it to the test. So next time you want a recipe, search within yourself first, try and remember what your mom or gran told you, then you can, like me also talk about

“My Easy Chocolate Eclairs!”

just click on link to take you to the recipe

Chocolate Eclairs

5 responses to My Easy Chocolate Eclairs

  1. Well said, Nina! You know my issue with chancers on the Internet for the sake of the emotional ecstasy of a post getting lots of traffic and as many gushing compliments, Sadly, it is not exclusive to the Internet. Just this weekend my daughter had a flop batch of brownies from …… Your Family! I plan to make an issue ….. watch my space … xxx

  2. Oh my hairy hat, chocolate eclairs have been a favourite of mine since I was a tot :-) These look amazing.

  3. i love chocolate eclairs

  4. I have also had mishaps from recipes from some of the bloggers on this site – I am now more selective.
    I will try this recipe – hubby loves eclairs – its been a while since I made some. Thanks, Nina

  5. This is so true, there are so many recipes that have not been tried and tested before being published and it is such a waste of time and ingredients when the recipe flops. I am very sceptical of the recipes that i try.
    This one i will give to my daughter in law, she bakes with eggs.

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