Who can make the Ultimate Meatball!

November 29, 2012 in beef

It was a challenge  of epic proportions! I was offended on national TV by our wonderful editor Caro de Waal and her  partner in crime, Aubrey Ngcungama in the first episode of Dinner Divas where my meatballs were scrutinized…”over-seasoned and overcooked” they said.

Well, I don’t get mad, I get even so I challenged the judges to come and cook their ultimate meatball recipe in my kitchen, my rules, my ingredients and me as a judge. To make it fair, I invited my partner in crime, Anel Potgieter from Lifeisazoobiscuit to judge with me. It was a day filled with fun, love, laughter and yes….a winning recipes.

For a lovely competition and easy recipes. visit My Easy Cooking to read all about …

The Ultimate Meatball Challenge

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2 responses to Who can make the Ultimate Meatball!

  1. Those meatballs were delicious – Caro had the secret! :-)

  2. Yes they were delicious, in a burger topped with Blue Cheese, even better!!

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