You CAN have your (cup)cake and eat it too!

December 3, 2012 in baked goods

MuffinsHaving growing teenagers in the house is a delight, I must tell  you! I enjoy their sense of humor, their little mannerisms, the hours upon hours in front of the mirror and in my case all the hugs and kisses, which I hear from other teenager-moms are very rarely dished out at this age!

Trying to keep up with the un-ending demand for treats, cookies, biscuits and drinks, is almost a full time job at the moment. My son plays water polo and eats non-stop. He opens his eyes in the morning with the phrase: “Mom, I am hungry and I want something sweet!”

Sadly we all know that sugar bad for you, it lowers your immunity and robs your bones of minerals and if you are not convinced, here is a list of 25 reasons why we should avoid sugar!

So as a mother, I struggle to keep the balance and to keep sweet treats slightly healthier and harmful! I returned home after a delicious lunch at Diemersdal, only to find two very-sad-looking children waiting for me in the garage as I pulled in and guess what they said…….. yip you guessed it: “Mom, we are hungry and I want something sweet!”

I whipped up these muffins using artificial sweetener and  I was amazed that the absence of “real” sugar did not alter the taste nor the texture of the muffins. With the added raspberries and lemon zest, the muffins were delicious and scoffed down in no time!!

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Sugar free Raspberry and Lemon Muffins

MuffinsPlease do not forget to send in those answers and recipes for the Ultimate Meatball Challenge, great prizes to be won!

This coming Saturday, I am cooking my behind off against the uber-talended Kristy Snell from Foodmonger and Jan Tripepe the a Dinner Diva semi-final. Do join us for lots of fun…… SABC 2, 8.30 Saturday 8 December!

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6 responses to You CAN have your (cup)cake and eat it too!

  1. Dankie Nina – dit lyk wonderlik – so feestelik!

  2. I think the recipe is wonderful. It is better to bake your own.
    Order a Chocolate Mousse Cake from Charly’s bakery, Cape Town on Thursday and collected it on Saturday , 1 Dec 2012. The Cake tasted terrible and I would never buy from them again. Complain via email and their website with no response. I noticed a complaint on from another person – will add my own. I think they don’t care as long as we suckers buy their cakes. I have a surprise for them – they don’t know the power of social media.

    • Homemade is always better…. Sorry about Charly’s…they are so busy and all I can say is that I have always had good service from them and every chef has a off day in the kitchen!!

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