Poached Peaches with honeyed Nougat and other Acts of Random Kindness

December 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

I love playing fairy, I loved it as  child and I love it even more now….. ok ,please remove the image from your mind ind of a small, skinny looking fairy with see through wings…..that I am not! However I love arriving at a friend’s doorstep with a freshly baked bread….or supper or taking 2 plates of food to the aged people down the street…just because I can.. You should try it…….

Angelou said: ” I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver”.

I then heard there is an organization called ARK who actually empowers and encourages people to do just that….. today on RSG, just after 9, I will be talking about edible gifts and ARK…..do tune in.. In the meantime, here is an edible idea to tantalize your taste buds….

Poached Peaches and Honeyed Nougat

Please do not forget to send in those answers and recipes for the Ultimate Meatball Challenge, great prizes to be won!

This coming Saturday, I am cooking my behind off against the uber-talended Kristy Snell from Foodmonger and Jan Tripepe  in a Dinner Diva semi-final. Do join us for lots of fun…… SABC 2, 8.30 Saturday 8 December!

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6 responses to Poached Peaches with honeyed Nougat and other Acts of Random Kindness

  1. Takes my breath away, it’s so beautiful. Work of art! Love it, love you xxx

  2. Daardie pere en daardie honey nougat lyk net ongelooflik lekker – kan nou doen met so n paar en sommer n hele koppie van die nougat

  3. Behalwe dat dit so lekker lyk dat my tone eintlik omkrul, is jy die goeie feetjie vir baie van ons bloggers Nina.

  4. Thank you Delicious Diva!!

  5. Anellie, your wish is my command, famous lady!!

  6. Dankie Potjie, dit is hoekom ek hier is!!

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