Man-up your salad by adding falafels to it!

January 28, 2013 in vegetarian

falafel saladLet’s face it, very few men will choose a salad above a good piece of steak or even a plate full of stew. They might like a salad on the side or as part of a meal….but  as a main course, just salad? Aikona, no go!

Yet, at the moment it is so hot in Cape Town and with trials and sports programs in full swing, I find it very hard to have a cooked meal on the table every night. I can muster up a salad, pardon the pun…chop-chop! Sadly however the two boys in the house, does not think it is food enough…… that was of course before I thought of this delicious man salad…….

Falafel Salad


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6 responses to Man-up your salad by adding falafels to it!

  1. True, Rick would also love this! Beautiful.

  2. Now thats a salad

  3. I must admit that Falafel is my secret vegetarian weapon! I can get away with falafel in wraps and falafel burgers with relative ease! Have a great day Nins xxxx

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