Tropical Cheesecakes in a cup!

February 28, 2013 in baked goods, desserts

cheesecakeYip, I think I had you on tropical cheesecake didn’t I?  The fact that you can serve these beauties in a smaller container like a pretty cup, is even more amazing. Sadly, I did not come up with the idea, it was Tami Magnin from the blog Rumtumtiggs who had the light bulb moment. My light bulb moment was to add toasted coconut and granadilla to the cheesecakes to give them that tropical twist.

I will be chatting to Tami about her blog and this recipe on RSG this morning. Tune in 100-103FM or listen online at

Tropical Cheesecake


3 responses to Tropical Cheesecakes in a cup!

  1. Tami has grown so much and is definitely a Dinner Diva.

  2. Love it … can taste it!

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