Teaching the new generation about mosbolletjies and other food traditions.

March 4, 2013 in baked goods

Baked goodsLast week I was honored and so privileged to have the 5 3rd year students from the Institute for Culinary Arts here at my home. I had to teach them about food writing and blogging to be more specific.  I wanted them to write about an experience, something they remember from their childhood, a extraordinary dinner experience or just an awesome ingredient. What better way to inspire them than to let them walk into my house with the smell of mosbolleties baking.

The idea of baking mosbolletjies, has been brewing in my mind forever. It was just something that I knew, I had to try at least once in my life.  Then after reading a few recipes for baking mosbolletjies, I would put the whole idea on hold again, it always seemed  like such a schlep! It is a 2-day process, heck who has time for that. These days we throw flour, water, yeast and salt in a bread machine and 2-3 hours later we have a home-baked bread.

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Baking mosbolletjies

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4 responses to Teaching the new generation about mosbolletjies and other food traditions.

  1. Your pictures are making me hungry Nina. I must give this a try ASAP xx

  2. Thanks Tams, I aim to please!!

  3. these are my absolute best, pour a glass of milk and give me a mosbolletjie= heaven

  4. Wie beter as jy om die studente te leer van erfenis kos!? Ek het nog nooit mosbolletjies gemaak nie en dit klink na ‘n vreeslike werk – ek bewonder jou. (ek kan nie ‘n boodskap op jou blog los nie – sê ek is ‘n spammer :(

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