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Chef Caro cooks jam on RSG !

February 15, 2012 in Uncategorized


The first time I met Chef Caro from Food24 was at some or other launch and I remember thinking: “What a life, to do just food every day?” I thought that all the staff at Food24 spent their days in this beautifully styled and fully equipped kitchen just thinking up new recipes each and every day (ok, Caro this is the part where you laugh really, really hysterically).

Caro's tomato-chilli-jam

Luckily for them and for me, I learned that working at Food24 requires much more than cooking skills…..
I think as bloggers we tend to put a  lot of effort in what we do, be it writing or styling or photography. We love the “emotional strokes” we get form our faithful followers. Positive feedback on Twitter, Facebook and comments on our blogs, keep us going. Well, a lot of what I  do, is part of my day job, but yes I do love the support from all the followers and readers, it makes the long hours in the kitchen and in front  of the computer worth while. The ladies and gentlemen at Food24, Chef Caro included, does a lot of hard work, most of it is behind the scenes and sometimes all they get is criticism and flack and the positive feedback that we get, eludes them.
I decided to invite Chef Caro de Waal to cook with me on RSG, because well, she can cook!

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