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Custard and Caramel Pavlova for end of the month blues!

January 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

Custard and Caramel Pavlova

Making a budget pavlova sounds like a bit of a contradiction doesn’t it? After all this is a rich and very elegant dessert, using only the best ingredients. Any dessert that is named after a Russian Ballerina has to be expensive and integrate to make. Well I am about to prove you wrong! You see I was challenged by the husband and the challenge was this……….
“Try and make a dessert, a proper one, using as little ingredients as possible and here folks, was the tricky part………you may NOT go and shop for ingredients! It has to come from your cupboard or fridge.”
That does not seem too tough a challenge? Well this is the end of the month version of my story and I don’t know about you, but too much extravagant shopping are being frowned upon by the government(being my husband) this time of the month so I had to make due with what was available…….
Let’s think, I could make:
Malva Pudding – way too hot at 35 C
Cheese cake – not enough cream cheese
Fridge tart – no raspberries and not enough cream
Ice Cream – not enough cream and no interesting flavors

Bummer, this is tougher than I thought. NOT! My husband is going to hate this, but nobody puts Nina in a corner, so here we go ……(drum roll please) I am happy to present to you my Budget Custard and Caramel Pavlova!

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Custard and Caramel Pavlova