An easy recipe for a tomato and basil tart

January 11, 2013 in Baking, Gardening, Herbs, Savory tart, Side Dish, Vegetarian

I made this tomato and basil tart, because I have an abudance of tomatoes growing in my vegatable garden. Since I love tomatoes and use them daily I am very happy with this high amount of tomatoes available to me.

Since the basil is also from my own garden, this dish virtually costed me almost nothing – very important in January!

I used basil pesto from the Pesto Princess range. Although it is very easy to make your own pesto, I find the pesto from Pesto Princess extremely delicious and affordable! I think this pesto made this dish! I did not add any seasoning, but do so if you wish.

I served this as a side dish, but it will also make a good main dish for a light lunch or supper.

For the recipe, please fo to PinkPolkaDotFood.

Tomato tart recipe

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  1. Dit lyk heerlik Zirkie

  2. Dit lyk heerlik en jou foto is beautiful! Tamaties is my “ultimate” produk om mee te kook

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