Recipe for no kneading bread

January 8, 2013 in Baking, Supper, Tables

Although I love cooking and baking, I have done so much of it during the festive season, that I don’t want to enter my kitchen. It is also very hot in Cape Town at the moment, which makes me feel even less inclined to cook.

What do you do, when you feel disinterested in cooking? Get some take-aways or go out for supper every night? With a family of five and it being the long month of January this can become very expensive. My family however still want food, and they want good food!

Something that we all love is a cheese and cold meat platter. Combine this with some fresh fruit and fresh bread and voila we have supper for the Pinkys!

But the highlight of suppers’ like this is definitely homemade bread, made according to my mother-in-law’s recipe. She has been baking the bread for 60 years and says that when my husband and his siblings were in their teens she baked up to four of these breads per day. My husband has three siblings and the age difference between them is approximately two years. I am sure it took a lot of cooking to feed three boys and one girl when they were in their teens!

The bread recipe was adapted over the years as dry yeast became available. This is really a very easy recipe and no kneading of bread dough is required. It is quick to prepare and you can be in and out of the kitchen in no time. Sip a glass of wine, place the cheeses, cold meats, fruit and condiments on platters and serve as soon as the bread is bakes. Al fresco is best!

For the recipe please go to PinkPolkaDotFood!

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