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Cape Dairy Experience

November 6, 2012 in Food events

I was lucky enough to win two tickets to the Cape Dairy Event that took place the past weekend at Sandringham Wine Estate. Regular readers of my blog will know that I love festivals such as The Cheese Festival, The Olive Festival, etc.

Goat's milk cheesesTo read more about this great day, please go to PinkPolkaDotFood!

Errieda du Toit

Best Butter Chicken, ever!

April 4, 2012 in Chicken, Indian Food, Poultry, Supper

Indian Butter chickenThis famous dish is from Indian origin and is traditionally served with black lentils and Naan bread. 

Butter chicken seems to be very popular, in my household, at the moment. My daughters buy butter chicken wraps often at Buzz in Stellenbosch and they love it. They were asking me the last couple of weeks to make this for them. 

Butter chicken

I have made butter chicken before but it did not really appeal to me, so I went through my recipe books in search of a good recipe. I found this in one of my recipe scrapbooks, with a note: “Jerome’s wife’s butter chicken recipe”. Jerome is a guy that I use to work with a couple of years ago. He gave me quite a number of recipes that they frequently made in their house, such as Naan bread, Koesisters, roties,etc!  Most of these I have never tried, but I will now!

Since the recipe sounded pretty good to me I decided to make it and I think it was delicious! It will definitely feature often on my dinner table from now on. This recipe does not contain almonds, which seems to feature in most butter chicken recipes.

For the recipe please go to PinkPolkaDotFood!


Friday Food Quiz Number 67

December 2, 2011 in Food Quiz, Friday Food Quiz

It is December already!! 2011 happened way too quickly! 

It has been a long time since my last Food Quiz and I hope everyone will enjoy this one!!? 

If you are going to do the quiz, please copy the questions and do the answers on your own blog. Please leave me a message to tell me that you have done it. 

I will post the answers to the Quiz on Monday evening with a link to your answers!

1. Why do apples and potatoes turn brown when sliced? 

2. What is another name for an Oyster mushroom? 

3. What is the difference between “Coconut milk” and “Cream of coconut”? 

4. Can baking powder being used as a substitute for baking soda? 

5. Are clarified butter and butter ghee the same? 

6. Where did Key lime pie originate? 

7. What is the name of the vegetables in the following photo?


8. What is black pudding? 

9. What is Aspic? 

10. If a dish is called “A la Provencale”, what does it contain? 

Enjoy the weekend and have fun in the kitchen!

Buttery potato mash with Boeuf Bourguignon aka Beef Burgundy

June 23, 2011 in Beef, Meat, Side Dish, Supper

I am a happy mother because both my daughters are home and my son finished his last school exams today. All three of them are with me – most of the time -again! 

Today was a very cold day in Cape Town so we lit the fireplace early this afternoon and I started cooking! I have been craving buttery potato mash for the last couple of days and was wondering what I will make with it. 

I was thinking beef… Maybe shortribs or chuck? I wanted to make a long slow cooking stew and then I realized I haven’t made Boeuf Bourguignon for quite a while. My Boeuf Bourguignon recipe is almost exactly like my Coq Au Vin recipe, except I use beef instead of chicken (of course) and red wine instead of white wine and it cooks much longer. 

So I started early and VG asked: “What are you making for supper, Mom?” “Boeuf Bourguignon”, I answered. “Oh, Mom, you know you can’t speak French! I have asked you a couple of times what the English name for this dish is?” says she who took French in Grade 8 and 9! “I can’t remember, Beef something…. why don’t you Google it?” I answered. Thirty seconds later she replied: “Beef Burgundy, Mom!” Ok, so I made Beef Burgundy for supper.

It is a lovely wonderful dish and just the right thing for this extremely cold weather!

I prefer to use some boned-in beef because I think the bones add extra flavour, but you can use bone-less meat if preferred.

To find the recipe go to