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Friday Food Quiz Number 74

July 6, 2012 in Friday Food Quiz

Firstly I want to let you know that I am changing my other blog from  to I will terminate my wordpress blog on 10 July 2012, and I can unfortunately not keep my subscribers, so please subscribe at my new blog, if you still want to get updates on my posts.

It is raining in Cape Town. We are all sitting snuggly in the family room, watching Wimbledon. I have made a peri-peri marinade and I am marinating some chicken wings, which will go into the oven soon. I am feeling completely content, whilst typing this post of my 74th Food Quiz. I hope you will all enjoy doing it and reading all the answers.

If you have never done this before, the rules are quite simple.

1. Please copy the questions and do the answers on your own blog.

2. Please leave me a message to tell me that you have done it.

There are no prizes; it is just something to do for fun!

I will post the answers to the Quiz on Monday evening with a link to your answers!

1. What are Boquerones?

2. What is the main ingredient of Nuom chum?

3. What is eaten with cream at Wimbledon?

4. How do you make wontons?

5. What is stilton?

6. Where does the dish satay originate from?

7. In which two popular condiments would you find tamarind?

8. What are Mizuna, Romaine, Butter and Iceberg varieties of?

9. What is the beer of choice to drink when at Wimbledon?

10. Where did Chakalaka originate from and what is it?

Enjoy the weekend and have fun in the kitchen!

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