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Mash and Boerewors

April 21, 2010 in Sausage

Nina the very famous easy cook yesterday wrote about her entry for the monthly mingle, it is a way of showcasing the cuisine of South Africa to the world before the soccer world cup. This made me think, what did most South African at one time or another had for lunch or supper, and one thing stuck in my mind, mash and wors with tomato and onion relish, for those of you unfamiliar with South African cuisine, wors is sausage, but it is very unlike French or Italian or British sausage, it is made with a mixture of beef and pork and might even contain mutton fat, the best sausage are sold under the name boerewors, and there is a law that guards what might be added and what not to call your wors, boerewors.

The mash part can be replace with pap if you live north of the Orange river but even people that do eat pap at one stage had mash with their sausage, sort of a South African version of Bangers and Mash, only better if you ask me.

The boerewors can either be cooked over the flames (called braai in South Africa) of cooked in a pan, to do that add a little bit of water in a pan, add the sausage, bring the water to the boil, some fat will cook out of the sausage, you use this to fry the sausage to a nice brown colour, like the sausage in the picture.

Mask, well mash is mash, cook your potatoes, drain add butter, milk and a little nutmeg and mash to the consistency that you prefer.

The relish is another thing all together, everyone have their own way, and chillies will be added to it in different regions and by different cultures. In my version you fry 2 chopped onions and one chopped green pepper until soft, then add 4 chopped tomatoes to it, fry another couple of minutes before you add a splash of red wine and about 3 tablespoons of Ms Balls Chutney, let it simmer until the tomatoes have created a nice thick sauce. This relish is also traditionally eaten with pap (north of the Orange River)

Bon appetite


On my Afrikaans Blog today:”Om te pap of nie”

6 responses to Mash and Boerewors

  1. Hehe.. Met pap ja!! hehe :) Maar mash (kappokaartappels) net so lekker!

  2. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm … nou is ek honger … mash and wors with gravy … yummmmmmmmmmmmm ………

  3. Heerlik – my ma het vele Saterdae aande wors in die pan gebraai en voorgesit met mash en ‘n blikkie tamatie&uie smoor – KONINGSKOS.

  4. baie lekker.

  5. I think I live north of the Orange rivier-tjie! So much so in fact that even the pappie thing got itself dried out to the point that it became a bread roll. Boerie rolls are to me a fundamentally South African street chow. The one guy I know of actually makes his tomato and onion gravy/sauce/stuff by sweating down a bag of onions with fanta orange – Se – ri – us!!

  6. Eish!

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