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Springbok fillet on the (very hot) coals

September 20, 2012 in Braai, Venison

These days every Tom Dick and Jan Harry will tell you how to braai, if you are clever you will take most people’s advice with more than just a pinch of salt. The other night I was invited to a fish braai, the braai “master” told me before the braai that I don’t need to worry, he knows that I don’t like “dry” fish, but he can braai fish, after 45 minutes he took the fish of the coals to make sure it is not dry, that was between 30 and 35 minutes to late, people that lie about there braai skills can lie about other things too.

Even with the best intensions in the world, when you have a good braai, you might forget to take photographs for your blog, but that’s a good indication that you gave enough attention to thebraai,

 and that youhad a good time.Luckily I remembered to take one or two pictures of my most recent braai.

 Springbok fillet over the coals.

 1 springbok fillet

 1 ½ packs streaky beacon (Like my friend Karl say: If it is not streaky it is not beacon)


Fine coriander

Hot hardwood coals

Mushroom sauce (Not out of a packet, made with real butter and fresh mushrooms)


Make a big, big fire, preferable with a “hardwood” like thorn tree wood

Spice the fillet with black pepper and coriander

Wrap the fillet completely in beacon

Braai over very hot coals, the beacon will become crispy very quickly, and the fillet will be ready in no time. Let it rest for at least 5 minutes, it should be beautifully pink inside, and as soft as any piece of meat you have ever eaten.

Serve with potato wedges baked in duck fat, and the best bottle of red wine you have in your house.

As part of braai day celebrations, this is my entry into Cooksister’s competition, check it out at

Bon appetite



10 responses to Springbok fillet on the (very hot) coals

  1. I agree Barry – don’t like fish or meat dry! this Springbok on the coals looks delish Barry! Love the potatoes in Duck Fat – it’s the only way! Have a great weekend xxx jan

  2. Looks good, going to try it, must search for springbok fillet tho.

  3. A big , big fire, for a springbok fillet? Seems a little over the top for a piece of meat 25 cm long and only slightly thicker than a finger. Maybe a sirloin?

    • No! a fillet, you need a big big fire for any piece of meat, if you feel the coals are a little on the hot side, pour another glass of wine, and wait – but seriuosly, I do it over very hot coals and very quickly. You must have very thick fingers or very small springbok :-)

  4. Hahaha – I hate it when that happens: people overestimating their skills (at braaing and other things too!!). Have learnt not to take people at their word ;) I love a good springbok fillet on the braai – we do something very similar to yours. Looks wonderfully pink in the middle! Thanks for taking part in Braai the Beloved Country!

    • Ja, there is a lot more people that think they can braai, than there is that can actualy braai. Thanks for the kind words refering to my blog on your roundup.

  5. Potjie, thanx for the advice on the springbok fillet, I am the braaier in my family and you know how difficult it is to please every one when you braai. I like the big fire I always do it that way, with my glass of the best rooiwyn in my house (wine club). Send more info for the braai ideas I love to know what I do is right, and others are doing the same .

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