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Lamb chops – the best choice for a braai.

September 22, 2012 in Braai, Lamb

One last braai post before braaiday, and it can only be on what I consider the best piece of meat for the braai – a lamb loin chop, or in second place a lamb rib chop.

Regardless of what anyone tells you, the success of a braai starts in the butchery; or in the supermarket if that is where you buy your meat. The braai is not the place to make bad chops better, if you start with inferior quality meat, you will not have great chops after you have braaied it. That packet of meat with the “special, previously frozen” sticker on is not what I will choose for the braai, rather use it for stews or something, it does mean that I braai lamb less often than what I used to with the price of lamb theses days, but rather one good braai a month that a couple of bad ones.

I have been told that you can take these chops and pour meat tenderizer on it an hour or so before you braai, and it will be as soft as the best chops you have ever had, I don’t know about that, people lie about all kind of things, and this sound like one of them to me.

As with any braai, start with a big fire, not because you need all of that coals, but you need time to enjoy a glass of two with friends. Good meat does not need all kind of added flavors, accept for salt and pepper, at the most a bit of rosemary, nothing more is needed.

Salt and pepper the chops on both sides (and the rosemary if you are using it) salt the fat sides of the chops with coarse sea salt. Start braaing the chops on there fat side quite a distance from the coals, be careful not to burn the fat before it is crispy. Turn to the bone side for a short wile, and back to the fat side, do this until the fat is nice and crispy.

Stir the coals to make sure there is enough heat, now lower the grid and braai the meat quickly on their meat sides, you want a nice color on both sides, but the chops must still be nice and pink inside. Rest for a couple of minutes away from the heat, and serve with your favorite braai side dishes.

And as always, enjoy with a glass or two of red wine.

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Bon appetite


3 responses to Lamb chops – the best choice for a braai.

  1. That’s some great advice, what is your recommendation for the temperature of lamb chops? Medium, medium rare or well done and why?

    • I prefer my lamb chops medium with the fat nice and crispy. The meat is much more tender and flavorful this way.

  2. I love crispy, tasty fat, thanks for the advice!

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