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Salmon on Cedar

January 22, 2013 in Braai, Canada, Fish

Salmon: In some tribes salmon were considered immortal. They thought this because they would fight strong rapids and die by the thousands. A fisherman could get enough salmon in a few nets to last his family close to a year. There are no salmon in the extreme northern portion of Canada. One legend said that the salmon people spent the winters under the sea then in the spring they would turn into salmon and swim up river for body consumption. Then their souls would be put back into the ocean.

(The above picture and quote was taken from

A while ago I blogged about the Sea Harvest Salmon Steaks I did on the Maple braai planks in the oven, this time however, I used fresh Salmon on a Cedar Braai Plank that I brought back from Canada, and like it was intended for, I did it on a braai. Ok, I know some will argue that it does not constitute a braai if there are no open flames, but that is an argument for another day, if it makes you happy, I grilled the salmon on a cedar plank in a kettle grill.

You will need:

Salmon Steaks Salt
Cedar Braai Plank Black Pepper
Lemon Kettle Braai
Olive Oil Charcoal Briquettes
1 Lemon Water to soak the braai plank


Soak the braai plank for at least 2 hours in water, overnight will even be better. My brother-in-law in Canada keeps his permanently submerge in water, so it is always ready to grill on.

Take about 20 to 26 briquettes and ignite them.

Pour the lemon juice over the salmon, and flavor with salt and black pepper. You will not need any other spices as the wood will flavor the fish.

When the briquettes are ready, divide them equally on opposite sides of the kettle braai, no coals should be in the middle section of the braai.

Remove the plank from the water and shake of any excess water. Brush the skin side of the fish with olive oil and put in on top of the plank.

Add the plank in the middle of the kettle braai and close the lid, make sure that there is enough ventilation through the braai that the coals don’t die. The salmon will cook slower than what is normally the case with fish, as the plank will absorb some of the heat, and there is no direct heat. Two medium size salmon steaks will take about 30 minutes, but check after 20 minutes, if the fish flakes easily it is done. If the plank ignites at any time, spray it with water to kill the flames.

As with any fish, enjoy it with a glass or two of wine, I prefer a nice dry rosé, but that is just me.

Bon appetite


14 responses to Salmon on Cedar

  1. Kanada het jou omtrent geinspireer….. ai die salmon lyk heerlik!!

    • Dis altyd lekker om nuwe goed te eet en te beleef, en as ek dit kan braai, dan nog beter. Moet se dis effens anders om in 0 grade te braai as in 30 :-)

  2. What a cool idea. And just yesterday I heard that Checkers has salmon for R100 cheaper than fruit n veg. Will have to get a braai plank soon so I can try it out :)

    • You heard 100% correct, R100/kg against R200,00/kg. The braai planks are very cool, amazing how much flavor it gives to the fish.

  3. Dit lyke heerlik! Ek is mal oor Salmon en Chris geniet sy weber baie, so ons gaan dit beslis probeer!! (In Februarie, want die beursie is ‘n bietjie plat op die oomblik! :) )

    • Eish, Januarie kan baie lank wees, maar soos Tami tereg gese het, by Checkers is dit halfprys ;-). Geniet dit.

  4. Wat n fabulous post! You rock!

  5. Waar kry mens die ceder planke te koop?

    • Die plank wat ek gebruik het, het ek saam gebring van Canada af, maar sommige Woolies and Builders warehouses verkoop braai planke, ek het ook al die Weber braai planke wat in grote dieselfde as myne is by Makro gesien.

  6. Ek neem aan ‘n mens kan die planke meer as een maal gebruik?

  7. Thanks for commenting on my post! I am pleased to have read that these planks are available here: I had salmon done like this in 2011 in Toronto, and liked it…

    • Thanks for visiting, I was quite surprised at how effective they are in flavoring the food the first time I used them.

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