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An (Ostrich Egg) Frittata and a Glass of Wine

October 14, 2013 in Eggs, Wine

Ostriches lay an average of 60 eggs an year, and in breeding season can lay up to one every other day. Ostriches inhabit the semi- and true-desert areas of the South Western Cape in South Africa, much the same area where Bushman previously lived, just one more way that shows how nature provides for her natural inhabitants.

An ostrich egg is roughly the equivalent of 24 normal chicken eggs, although I will not necessarily suggest that you replace 24 chicken eggs with one ostrich egg in your very delicate cake recipe.

Last week MJ de Witt owner of Signal Gun Wines and I cracked an ostrich egg and cooked a frittata in Ke-Monate’s pizza oven, I kept it quite simple, as it was the first time I ever cooked an ostrich egg, I wanted to taste what the egg really taste like. The yolk seems a bit more yellow than that of a chicken egg, and is a bit richer, more like an duck egg, I quite liked the taste, but you will need to get a couple of people that will eat ostrich egg to join you if you cook one, because unless you are on a very high protein diet, eating the equivalent of 24 chicken eggs might not be your thing.

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Bon appetite


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