“Butter chicken” and rotis

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Buttermilk, butter chicken spice and ground cumin…sounds good, in theory, doesn’t it? Well, that’s what I thought when I decided to make my own version of butter chicken curry. And, while the results were edible, they were decidedly “meh!” Why reinvent the wheel, you might ask? Why not use a recipe that has been tested and proven to work? Well, the answer to that question is lack of patience and a bit of laziness. Every recipe for butter chicken I looked at required some planning and prior preparation. “That stuff is for the birds”, I thought. So why am I blogging about a flop? I thought maybe you could learn from my mistakes and you could give suggestions as to what I should do in future. Oh, while I was cooking the chicken, I also found that I had no tomato paste in the house so I substitued with 1 tin of chopped tomatoes in juice. So this is what I did…

500g chicken breast fillets, bashed with meat mallet and cut into strips

1 cup buttermilk

2 tbls butter chicken spice

2 tsp ground jeera/cumin

I mixed all these ingredients together and put it in the fridge to marinade while I made the rotis.

Later on I will fry this off in:

50g butter

1 large onion

1 tbs crushed garlic

1 tin of chopped tomatoes with juice


Mitzi’s Roti Recipe

3 cups cake flour

1 teaspoon salt

¼ cup of sunflower oil

30gr butter ghee

1 ½ cups (approx.) hot water

Sift the cake flour and salt into a large bowl.

Sprinkle the oil over the flour and mix into the flour.

Rub in the butter ghee into flour.

Add enough boiling water into the flour to form a soft dough and knead well.

Roll the dough into a long sausage roll. Cut the dough into 15 +- even pieces.

Mould the dough into balls and dust with cake flour.

Roll out thinly into a circle.

Roti can be basted with melted ghee (optional).

I set the rotis aside and started making the curry. I heated about 50g of butter in a pot and fried off 1 large chopped onion and some crushed garlic.  I then added the chicken in buttermilk mixture and allowed this to cook for about 5 minutes stirring occasionally. I then added the chopped tomotoes, stirred it through and turned down the heat. I allowed this to simmer for about 15 minutes with the lid on. I then placed a large spoonful of the curry into a roti and rolled it up.

I think my main problem was the lack of seasoning (salt, pepper etc). I very rarely cook with salt and, since it was my first experience with that particular brand of butter chicken seasoning, I didn’t want to over salt the food. This was fairly easily rectified at the table as each person could add their own salt but it’s not quite the same. I think if I make this again, I would definately add a good pinch of salt and use the tomato paste instead of the canned tomatoes. I will also use the yogurt/fresh cream as suggested in most recipes instead of the buttermilk.


6 responses to “Butter chicken” and rotis

  1. annoying when that happens – run out of ingredients – has happened to most of us at some point. For a authentic flavour butter ghee has to be a core ingredient for a tasty butter chicken curry. I do have a simple recipe that is not faddy. Will probably only do a post late next month

  2. We all make some flops,so it is good to know that other bloggres are also doing this!

  3. Thanks Pink. I wondered whether I should blog about this because most bloggers posts are so professional and flashy. But I thought that there must be a few bloggers just like me who will experiment every now and then with not so wonderful results.

  4. You know when you over-buy on what particular ingredient one month, then the following month you think, I had so much, I’m sure I don’t need to buy again. That’s what happened this time. And then I had to fight with my rotis too because they just didn’t want to roll out without folding over on themselves. I realized then how some people don’t like cooking. I’ve been generally quite lucky to have good experiences most of the time and things turn out ok. But I can imagine people who have a bad experience making something the first time. I wouldn’t want to try it again either. Thanks for responding and I look forward to your Butter Chicken recipe ;o)

  5. there is no shame in a flop! good on you for posting the good and the bad!

  6. Thank you sweetie! I was really nervous about posting about this experience but I threw caution to the wind coz it’s not like I have a rep to protect and I thought that maybe some of my readers had similar experiences and that it was okay! ;o)

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