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January 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

Wishing you and your family every blessing in 2012. May your year be filled with love, laughter and new experiences. This weekend has given me lots of food for thought. Not necessarily new thought, as I’ve been toying with the idea for a while, but discussions this weekend have urged me to put a plan in place to accomplish this.

I have recently baked a batch of cupcakes for a friend who paid me for the priviledge and have recently been asked how much I would charge to do the baking for a birthday party. This has encouraged me to put some thought into this and actually take a few steps closer to fulfilling this dream. My style of baking leans more to the homebake variety rather than the flash and glamour of Charly’s bakery but I’ve been told that I bake well and they cakes are always delicious.

My post therefore is to get your advice. How do I start? Where do you start when making a price list? Do you have any hints and tips or are you willing to share some of your personal experience in  this regard of what to do and what not to do? If you have never been paid to bake but you have paid someone to bake for your before, what did you like about the experience? What didn’t you like? I have listed the items I thought may be often requested and attached a guideline pricelist to start with (based on the price of ingredients). Do you think this is too much…? Too little? Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

Lemon Meringue (serves 6-8) R60

Lemon Cheesecake (serves 8-10) R80

Amarula Mud Cake (serves 10-12) R120

Cupcakes (chocolate/vanilla/strawberry/lemon) from R7 per cupcake (discount rates for orders over 3 dozen)

Red velvet cupcakes (with cream cheese frosting) R12 per cupcake

Koeksisters R20 for 12 medium koeksisters

Muffins (chocolate/apple cinammon/banana/cappucino) from R12 for 6

Chocolate Brownies (with or without nuts) from R20 for 12

All baking is done within 24 hours of delivery. Orders to be placed a minimum of 5 days in advance and payment is cash on delivery.

Breaking News: The website for cakes orders is live. For more information go to . Looking forward to supplying you with delicious treats ;o)

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  1. Those prices look very reasonable to me, hope you have allowed for some profit?

  2. Thank you for responding Sous Chef. I’m glad you think the prices aren’t too much. Yes, I think I’ll make a bit of a profit (but not become a millionaire by any means) ;o).

  3. Hi there, not expensive at all! I have family and friends in CT where are you situated and I’ll give them the details?

    • Thanks for the comment Belinda, I live in Tableview but I am very willing to drop off the baking within a 20km radius for free. Another option would be for them to collect ;o).

  4. Congratulations on starting your baking business. I did it for about 12 years…its labour intensive and tiring…for very little money in return. Your prices are not bad but you need to up them a bit for the koeksusters and muffins for sure…and the brownies are ridiculously cheap…depending of course on what products you use….you need to do an exercise and work out the prices of every single thing that you are using. If you pay R20 for a 100 g chocolate then work it out per gram and then multiply accordingly per grams in your recipe….same applies for all your ingredients. Then add on labour charge and also units of electricity…(fairly easy to do that if you have an electricity meter and have to buy your own units) Then dont forget stuff like baking paper…cake boards and boxes, ribbon, decorations etc etc….you need to cost everything in otherwise you will lose out. Come chat to me if you need to xxx

    • Thank you so much for your advice! It helps to have the voice of experience and I appreciate your offer of advice. I will definately take you up on it. Costing was the most difficult because I love doing it. It’s difficult to put a price on that. I will definately revise the price list. With regard to ingredients, I will only be using what can be found at the local PnP to keep costs down. Definately no Lindt ;o). Thanks for the guidance as to pricing. It seems simple and effective. Now to decide how much I will charge for labour and electricity (no meter to help out here). I will also have to look into packaging before I finalize the list. Do you have any suggestions of the best place to go? I was going to check Merrypack or Plastics for Africa but if you have a better suggestion, I would appreciate it. I can’t thank you enough for your advice! I will definately chat to you soon ;o)

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