Garlic Pita Bread and Homemade Butterbean Hummus

January 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

Garlic Pita Bread and Homemade Butterbean Hummus, homemade pita breads straight from the oven, bread, pita, flatbread, flat bread, hummus, butterbean spread, vegetarian, healthier alternative, tami magnin, rumtumtiggsI woke up in the early hours of this morning and found myself unable to get back to sleep. So there isn’t much more to do than get into the kitchen and start making bread. Aside from these pita breads I also made tortillas which I sealed and popped into the freezer for a lunchbox treat during the week. The pita breads were eating just after breakfast as the smell was irrestible and now the whole family has severe garlic breath ;)

Low Fat Butterbean Hummus

Place the following into the jug of a blender:

2 cloves garlic

1 (410g) tin of butterbeans (drained but save the water from the tin)

1 small lemon (grated rind and juice) or about 60ml lemon juice

1.25ml ground cumin/jeera

1.25ml paprika

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6 responses to Garlic Pita Bread and Homemade Butterbean Hummus

  1. These look fantastic & love the butterbean hummus–try it with red kidney beans as well

    • I feel such a sense of accomplishment when I make something vegetarian which I know you can try and enjoy ;). Thanks for the comment. I will try with the red kidney beans soon :)

  2. i will happily eat all of these! looks amazing and also love the butterbean hummus

    • Thanks Anel. I’m so glad you liked it. It turned out incredibly well although I’m not sure my fingers will ever stop smelling like garlic ;) xx

  3. This is SO my kinda grub – finger food! xxx

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