Choc Mint Chip Ice Cream

February 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

choc mint chip ice cream, homemade ice cream, ice cream made from scratch, quick and easy, a formula to make the custard base for ice cream, ice cream formula, eggs, milk, cream, with churn, without churn, tami magnin, rumtumtiggsAfter many, many ice cream posts I’ve decided to take a step back and assess what I have learned. Firstly I have learned that while there is a formula for your more traditional ice creams, ice cream can also be made using just fruit and cream, or infusing milk and cream with any essence or rind before freezing and churning and just about anything that you are willing to try. I have also found that there is absolutely no shame in using your churn *whispers* for something that comes out of a box like that delicious chocolate/caramel or vanilla Velvet ready made dessert.

In actual fact, you can toss out the whole idea of even making the custard from scratch and use ready made custard like Ultramel. With a little guts you will find many of your experiments will work and if it doesn’t, it can always be reconstituted into something else… “milkshake anyone…?”

Here is a formula for those who find comfort in structure on how to make most egg custard based ice creams:

1 large egg yolk for each cup of milk/cream 2-4 cups of cream/milk (ensure at least a 50/50 mix of milk and cream if you want a rich, creamy ice cream) 125ml castor sugar (or less if you are having the mixture or if you are melting chocolate into it)

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  1. because of you i am buying an ice cream maker ;-)

  2. This is boring – bad pic!!! No mint / choc chips on pic!

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