Apple and Pear Tart with Nutty Crumble topping

February 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

abigail donnelly's old fashioned apple crumble with a twist, apple and pear crumble with nutty topping, nutty topping for apple pie, apple tart, apple pie, apple crumble, apple pie a la mode, old fashioned treats, tea time, tami magnin, rumtumtiggsApples and pears make a great combination as it adds a bit of depth to the flavour and gives the texture a bit of oomph. I must admit that laziness was the reason that the nutty crumble topping came about as I was in no mood to wait until it chilled enough to be grated so I just blitzed the ingredients in the food processor and added a generous handful of mixed nuts while the machine was running. This resulted in a crunchy topping that made the tart a little more special.

Apple and Pear Tart with Nutty Crumble topping

Recipe by: Abigail Donnelly                                           Tweaked by: Tami Magnin

For the shortcrust pastry:
120 g cake flour, sifted,
plus extra for dusting
45ml caster sugar
70 g butter, plus extra
to grease
ice cold water
250ml cup rice or dried beans, for blind baking
For the apple & pear filling:
3 large green apples, peeled and cut into large chunks

3 large red pears, peeled and cut into large chunks
80ml sugar
80ml plus 15ml water
1 stick cinnamon
15ml cornflour
For the crumble:
60 g flour
15ml butter
30ml brown sugar
5ml grated nutmeg

75g mixed nuts

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9 responses to Apple and Pear Tart with Nutty Crumble topping

  1. Oh Tami, this looks so good, genius plan to add the nuts… and of course Abi is always my inspiration too!!

  2. Fabulous looking tart and I love your food styling – nicely done, Tami.

  3. Excellently tweaked –love it Tami–i am off to buy some pears so i can make this ASAP.

  4. I would love to try the recipe and share with my friends…I do not see the full directions, temperature of oven and baking time. Please advise, and thank you.

  5. Many thanks for your response, AND for ‘introducing’ me to your site, and looking forward to exploring it.

    Happy Wednesday:-)

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